Best Marble Mortar And Pestle (2023 Detailed Review)

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Owning a mortar and pestle in your kitchen is one of the most important steps in ensuring that your kitchen is equipped with the right equipment. Mortars and pestle have been with us for centuries upon centuries, and having the right mortar and pestle will go a long way in ensuring that your special delicacies can be prepared in your home.

Marble Mortar and pestle are naturally beautiful to look at, and can easily serve as a décor item, not just in your kitchen, but in your homes as well. Its beauty is not the only thing it brings to the table though.

Marble Mortar and pestle are a perfect combination of the phrase “Beauty and the beast”. The beautiful exterior makes it really attractive and appealing to the eyes, while the beastly nature of its interior will ensure that it gets the required job done.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 4 Picks Of The Best Marble Mortar And Pestle In The Market In 2022

Product Name Price
CBAM Mortal Da Cuina White Marble Mortar With Wooden PestleCheck Price On Amazon
CBAM Mortaio Marmo Bianco Carrara White Mortar And Pestle SetCheck Price On Amazon
Mortarza Marmoo Pestello White Mortar With PestleCheck Price On Amazon
The Antiquity Marble Wood And PestleCheck Price On Amazon

Benefits Of Having A Marble Mortar And Pestle In Your Home

Marble mortars are the complete package when it comes to getting the best from your ingredients and spices. They add a special appeal to your kitchen and will serve you for as long as you want.

They can easily pass for a generational gift due to its longevity, and not just longevity alone, but its significance to tradition. It will make a perfect gift to mark any special occasion. Anyone would be excited to receive such a gift from you. Another benefit is that Marble mortars and pestles cannot be attacked by insects or destroyed in a fire.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Marble Mortar And Pestle

Below are some of the things to consider when choosing your marble mortar and pestle:


Marble mortar and pestle comes in different sizes. Although I perfectly understand when you get attracted to the beauty of a particular mortar and the decor it would add to your kitchen, you should, however, ensure that the size that comes with the beauty satisfies not just the décor in your kitchen but the need it was gotten for.


For every item we purchase, it is important that we get the best, and getting a mortar and pestle is no different. A mortar should be relatively heavy so as to be able to withstand pressure and also grind spices with ease.

Also, consider the work surface area, and ensure that it is not too slippery so as to prevent items in it from spilling out during pounding, or too rough, so as to allow for easy removal from the mortar. The marble mortars and pestles reviewed here have all these qualities, so you have nothing to be worried about.


Marble mortar and pestle are naturally beautiful and appealing to the eyes, but do not be put off by its white appearance. Marbles are impermeable and will retain its beauty for years to come if properly maintained.

How To Season And Maintain A Marble Mortar

Seasoning of mortars is very important especially if they are to be used for the very first time. Ensure to follow the steps below regardless of the mortar. Be it granite mortar or marble.

  • Wash the mortar and allow it to air dry. It is of uttermost importance not to use soap on your first wash so as to avoid it flavouring your food.
  • Grind a handful of uncooked rice (white). This should be done repeatedly until the rice powder is clean and has no colour in it. You could choose to add a little water during this process to prevent the rice from jumping out of the mortar.
  • Pour out the rice powder and grind some cloves of garlic, and a teaspoon of salt and sugar, as well as some peppercorn if you have any. Mash all of these into a paste and rub it around the inside of the mortar.
  • Allow for about 30 minutes and then wash it with hot water and allow to air dry. Your mortar and pestle are ready to be used after following all these procedures.

After this first phrase of seasoning which is compulsory for new marble mortars and pestles, the maintenance phase is to simply rinse with water or use a wire brush and then rinse with water.

Dish soaps can be used to clean mortars and pestles after usage, albeit it shouldn’t be used continually, as it could distort the appearance of the mortar after a period of time. Simply rinse with hot water. Only use dish soaps if necessary.

The following marble mortars and pestles reviewed below will serve you in any capacity a mortar was created for. They also check all the boxes when it comes to the necessary requirements for a durable mortar. Take a look!

Best Marble Mortar And Pestle – Reviews

1. CBAM Mortaio Marmo Bianco Carrara White Mortar And Pestle Set

Check Price On Amazon

The CBAM mortaio is a truly refined mortar crafted from the classic Italian white marble. Not only is it attractive to the eyes, but it is efficient and thorough in carrying out its duties.

Product Description

It is a highly durable and elegant material that provides you with an original modern look, and at the same time gives you the traditional feel that mortars and pestles are known for. The four handles around its corner make for easy carrying. It gives it the extra touch of perfection that can be moved about comfortably, without the fear of it falling from your hands.

CBAM mortaio is made by hand, thereby giving it the human touch of love and elegance. If you are a fan of hand made goods as I am, then this should be a must-have. It is wide enough to contain your spices and ingredients without having to undergo a pounding or grinding process twice, hereby ensuring a perfect blend of your contents at a single go. A guaranty for uniformity.

The beautiful appearance of the CBAM martaio mortal and pestle will definitely be a plus to the decor in your kitchen. It not only beautifies the kitchen environment but also brings out the beauty of the other appliances. Its interior is designed in such a way that your ingredients or spices are not absorbed into the marble. You get back every bit of what you put into the mortar, be it liquid or solid.

It’s very easy to maintain despite its colour. All you need do is to rinse with water and use a brush where necessary. Soapy water can be used to rinse as well, but as stated earlier, it should not be used on its first usage.

So whatever you need a mortar and pestle for, be it for pounding or grinding, or for beautifying your kitchen, the CBAM mortaio has you covered. They also come in other colours, giving you the liberty to make your desired choice.

2. CBAM Mortal Da Cuina White Marble Mortar With Wooden Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

This is another masterpiece from CBAM. Unlike one of the products made by the same company reviewed earlier, the pestle in this mortar set is wooden and not ceramic. This mortar set gives you a preference just in case you are a fan of wooden products. The mortar itself is functional, refined, and has its roots from the classic Italian marble.

Product Description

The mortar is 100% marble and its thoroughly refined wooden pestle would guarantee you optimum satisfaction during usage. Its exquisite design is sure to beautify any kitchen it occupies.

Having a dimension of 9.92×9.76×8.74 inches ensures that it is spacious enough to occupy all your ingredients at a go. An accumulated weight of 12.23 pounds makes it relatively heavy to withstand every form of impact from the pestle during pounding or grinding, without the mortar having to jerk about in the process.

A simple but yet efficient handle placed at each end of the mortar makes it easy to be carried about without expending too much energy or stress. It can easily be maintained and cleaned by rinsing with soapy water or thoroughly rinsed with warm water, depending on the item processed in the mortar.

The CBAM mortals da curia white marble mortar with wooden pestle performs its duty of grinding, pounding, smearing, and anything else the mortar does, to the best of your taste and desire. A durable mortar to add to your kitchen.

3. The Antiquity Marble Wood And Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

There has never a perfect blend of wood and marble-like the Antiquity marble wood mortar and pestle set. Now let’s keep the beauty aside for a moment because getting this mortar for the sake of its appearance is definitely worth it, the excellence and user-friendliness of this mortar and pestle make it a perfect fit to any kitchen. The manufacturers definitely had the interest of the would-be users in mind during the course of the design and production of this magnificent piece.

Product Description

The Antiquity marble wood and mortar pestle is a perfect blend of marble, mango wood, and cast iron. The pestle is made up of a very durable and polished wood which helps to preserve it for generations to come. Its working surface is not permeable, and would not absorb the contents on it, be it dry or watery. You can easily scrap all your contents without any problems or hindrance.

With a wooden base, the table or floor surface the mortar is placed on will feel very little of the impact it should feel during a pounding session. The wooden base doubles as both a base for the mortar and shock absorber to reduce the impact pounding or grinding would have had on the surface the mortar would be placed on.

With a dimension of 6.5×6.5×6.5 inches, it is wide enough to meet your kitchen needs, and a weight of 5 pounds makes for easy carrying without expending much energy in the process. The appearance would not only beautify your kitchen but your home in general. It was carefully crafted to suit the decor of every kitchen it would end up in.

It can be maintained and cleaned after use whilst maintaining its lovely appearance in the process. Put a smile on the face of your loved one by gifting them the Antiquity marble wood mortar and pestle. It’s an act of kindness you won’t come to regret.

4. Fox Run 3837 Large marble Mortar And Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

The fox run marble mortar and pestle is our next point of call, and its uniqueness which is embedded in its quality and appearance is why it makes it to our list.

Product Description

Fox mortar and pestle are made with 100% marble. There are no added materials to its composition. It is as genuine as they come. It’s very unique patterns and colourations will beautify your kitchen whilst performing its duties to the uttermost form of perfection you desire.

The Fox run is a perfect dish server as well. In a rare case where all the plates in your homes are broken, or you feel the dish prepared will taste better in a traditional mortar, the FoxRun mortar got you covered.

Having a dimension of 8.25×8.25×4 inches, as well as a weight of 8 pounds, the FoxRun mortar and pestle set is a perfect fit for your kitchen. It is large enough to contain your spices at one go and heavy enough to withstand the beating it gets from the pestle without have to move about during impact.

It is also very easy to maintain and requires just a thorough rinse after every use. Although soapy water can be used to remove ingredients with oil residues. The FoxRun 3837 will be a plus to any kitchen it ends up in.

5. Mortarza Marmoo Pestello White Mortar With Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

The ‘Mortaio a tazza marmo’ mortar and pestle set is another beauty from the country of Italy. It is a hand made mortar that connects you to it in more ways than you can imagine.

Product Description

It is a hand made mortar produced from 100% marble. Its beauty transcends the world of mortars to ours. It is a perfect decor fit for every kitchen in general. With a size of 5.9×5.9×5.9 inches and the simplicity that comes with it, your kitchen needs are guaranteed to be met while in use.

The tazza marmo weight of 8.08 pounds also ensures that it can be carried about without much stress while maintaining the heaviness required in getting the job done.  The work surface of the tazza marmo mortar and pestle are unpolished and impermeable, ensuring the ingredients or spice worked on previously do not affect the outcome of the other ingredients after every use.

It is also very easy to maintain and clean after use. Rinsing thoroughly with warm water should be enough, but this depends on the nature of the ingredients decimated. A more oily ingredient would require the use of soapy water. There is more to the Mortiao marmo mortar and pestle set that meets the eye. As simple as it looks, its elegance and durability is sure to satisfy your kitchen needs for years to come.

6. Creative Home Natural Charcoal Marble Mortar And Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

The creative home natural charcoal marble mortar and pestle is made from 100% natural marble. It’s a lovely design and dark appearance would serve you and your household for years to come.

Product Description

It is made from 100% marble. The outer surface of the mortar is polished to give it a lovely and shiny look, the interior of the mortar is not polished, hereby allowing it to grind and pound ingredients and herbs effectively. Its surface is also impermeable to substance, ensuring that you get all the output expected from your ingredients or spices.

The creative home natural charcoal marble mortar is relatively heavy with a weight of 8.08 pounds, making it efficient to meet your pounding needs. The dimensions of 5.9×5.9×5.75 inches will meet your kitchen specifications and requirements as well. It is a mortar you can flaunt in front of your friends as a prized possession.

It can be used to crush any form of herb or ingredients to your desired texture or taste. If the desired item can be grounded, then it can pose no challenge to the creative home mortar and pestle. It is an excellent fit for any kitchen it finds itself in.

The creative home mortar and pestle set is also very easy to clean and maintain. After usage, soapy water can be used to wash and allowed to air dry. The colour could differ from what is being advertised, but this should not be a cause for alarm. It is due to the fact that different natural marble stones are used during production, nevertheless, the same quality of marble is assured all through.

Best Marble Mortar And Pestle – Conclusion

The marble mortars reviewed in this article will not only grind spice and ingredients but will add spice and ingredients to your kitchen and home in general. They redefine the ancient tradition of pounding and grinding not just by being efficient in the art, but by bringing the beauty of the modern Era into it.

All the mortars and pestles under review in this article will make a perfect gift for everyone in every sphere of life, but a quick suggestion though, why not gift one of these to yourself first? Charity they say begins at home.

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