Can You Make Ginger Garlic In Coffee Grinder?

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Can You Make Ginger Garlic In Coffee Grinder? Yes, you can, very easily if I may add. Ginger garlic is a well sought after spice that is used in cuisines across the globe, usually using different techniques and devices to blend them into a paste, then refrigerate for future use.

Making ginger garlic using your coffee grinder is super easy and I’ll get to how you can do it yourself in a minute. But first, let’s find out a few coffee grinders that can actually make ginger-garlic.

What coffee grinders can I use to make ginger garlic paste?

Here are a few quality coffee grinders that will get the job done if you need ginger garlic, if you own one of these, that is awesome. If you don’t, place an order today —

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Automatic Burr Mill

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If you need to grind on a large scale, this is the best device to do so, it is typically found at home but can be used in office spaces and even restaurants.

This powerful device grinds coffee within seconds to a smooth and ultra-fine consistency. It is very ideal to make ginger garlic paste if you own one of these.

2. DmofwHi Cordless Electric coffee grinder

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This coffee grinder is equipped with a 2000 Ah battery, which makes it rechargeable, it is very portable and can be carried around. The fact that you don’t need to plug it into an outlet makes it super handy, as long as it’s fully charged. Making ginger garlic paste has never been easier with this handy and portable device.

3. Mueller Hyper Grind Coffee Grinder

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This is a compact coffee grinder that is barely up to a foot in height, it is super easy to use. The portability makes it ideal for kitchen countertops because it barely takes up any space, it also comes in multiple colours.

The blades of the grinder are made with stainless steel, it is super sturdy, strong enough to blend nuts. This coffee grinder will get the job done if you need some ginger garlic paste on the go.

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What is ginger garlic?

Ginger garlic is simply a mixture of Ginger and Garlic to either form a paste or a powder, the paste is obtained by using fresh products and grinding till it becomes smooth without lumps.

The powder is gotten after you’ve dried them completely, eliminating all the moisture and blending into a fine and smooth consistency.

Benefits and uses of ginger garlic?

Are you also curious about the benefits and uses of ginger garlic and why you should get in on the hype? Here are some of the benefits of a blend of the root produces that have been accessed by experts—

Health benefits

  • Helps indigestion: If you’re suffering from indigestion for any reason, and you feel uneasy because of it. A great and natural remedy to this would be a warm drink made of the ginger and garlic mixture to help relieve the pain and speed of digestion. Stomach upsets can be dreadful.
  • Anti-inflammatory: It has anti-inflammatory properties that help curb inflammation in the body, it can also serve as a blood thinner, it helps reduce high blood pressure.
  • Nausea: The mixture helps reduce nausea since it’s 100% natural, even pregnant women can use it for morning sickness.
  • Boosts Immune system: It helps your immune system, therefore if you have the flu or any form of curable viral disease, it helps your body fight against it more effectively.

There are several other potential health benefits, however, let’s stick with these for now.

Culinary benefits

  • Spice rub: This mixture is a perfect blend for savoury ingredients for wet rubs when prepping meat for the grill, it helps boost the umami flavour. If you’ve not tried this before, then you really have to, it will change the way you grill meat forever.
  • Tea: Ginger garlic is perfect to make tea with, not just for the health benefits but the fact that the taste is unique and delicious. Most tea brands now make exclusive tea bags that are ginger garlic flavoured. That should tell you a lot.
  • Cooking and Frying: Let’s say you need to cook a pot of curry or fry some nuggets, if you want to elevate the taste to another level, then you need a blend of the ginger garlic paste to make it a 5-star meal.

How to make ginger garlic paste?

Making ginger garlic paste is very easy, you can do it in the comfort of your home in less than 30 minutes. Although, the prep work before you blend may be a little tedious because it involves peeling and chopping a lot of ginger and peeling cloves of garlic. Depending on the amount you need anyway.

Step 1

Peel the ginger using a knife or potato peeler, whichever is easier for you, make sure none of the skins remains on them, leaving the skin on will inevitably shorten the shelf life of the paste.

Then get cloves of garlic, about double the amount of ginger you’re using, the ginger has a more intense taste than the garlic, therefore in order to balance it out, you need to make it in a 1:2 Ratio.

Step 2

Rinse properly the gloves of garlic which you should have peeled also, and the ginger. Not washing properly may cause it to go bad or worse food poisoning. Always wash your fresh produce before processing.

Step 3

Get whichever device you want to use to grind the ginger and garlic, whether it’s a Blender, Food Processor, Coffee grinder, Spice grinder or meat grinder.

All of these work just fine, depending on the size of the device, make sure your garlic and ginger are in small chunks to fit into the device. Process in small batches if you can’t fit all at once.

Step 4

Store in a glass or plastic container that has a cover in the fridge for future use. Clean up after yourself.

Other ways to make grinder garlic

There are other ways you can blend ginger and garlic manually in your home without stress.

  • Mortar and Pestle: There are small tabletop mortar and pestle that you can use to easily grind the mixture into a paste. It involves quite a lot of manual labour though because you have to keep pounding until it becomes smooth.
  • Hand grinder: There are manual grinders that you have to wind as the gears spin and mash the items you put in through the feed at the top of the grinder. It is super easy to use.


Can I grind ginger garlic in a spice grinder?

Yes, you can, spice grinders can be used to grind things like nuts and even coffee, grinding stuff as soft as garlic and ginger should be relatively easier.

Therefore, if you need to make a quick ginger garlic paste and you own one of these, it would work perfectly.

What is the difference between a coffee grinder and a spice grinder?

The difference is a coffee grinder is used to grind coffee while a spice grinder is used to grind spices, also some coffee grinders are equipped to brew coffee after it finishes the grinding process.

While a spice grinder can be used to blend coffee, I would not advise you to blend spices in a coffee grinder, especially in models that brew the coffee afterwards. Unless you want to have a hot drink of peppercorns, then go for it.

Does ginger garlic go bad if left out?

Ginger garlic paste goes bad maximum a day after you blend it when you leave it out, depending on the humidity it may not even last up to a day before becoming stale. The best way to preserve the paste is by refrigeration, just pop it in your fridge and use it whenever you need it.

The powdered form of the ginger garlic however has a longer shelf life, because bacteria that cause food to go bad thrives where there’s moisture. The absence of moisture means they can survive.

What else can I grind in a coffee grinder?

You can grind all types of dried nuts in a coffee grinder, as long as it’s small enough to fit into the coffee grinder. Some coffee gingers can also be used to grind spices— dried spices of course.

How to clean a coffee grinder?

All you have to do is dismantle after use, leave the part with the motor alone for now, take the components to your sink and use a sponge and soap to wash inside of the coffee grinder until no residue remains. As for the part with the motor, you can use a damp rag to wipe the dirt off.

Can You Make Ginger Garlic In Coffee Grinder – Conclusion

If you need ginger garlic paste, you can use your coffee grinder to get it done very easily, the benefits and uses of the mix are numerous and should not be ignored. I hopped on the hype train long ago, and I’m gonna tell you, it’s not all hype. Anyway, stay safe!