Can You Make Ground Almonds From Flaked Almonds?

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 Are you wondering if you can make ground almonds from flaked almonds as some persons have famously asked? Well, you’ll find out somewhere in this article.

YES, you can make ground almonds from flaked almonds. Typically, ground almonds are produced from blanched almonds with peeled skin before grinding.

However, for some dishes, you need ground almonds with the skin. It is possible to make this ingredient yourself, but you’d need to be super careful not to overwork the almonds.

Overworking almonds while grinding will bring out the oil from them causing it to make your meal too fatty.

However, flaked almonds in small pieces are also known as blanched almonds which can be used to make almond flour.

In addition, a food processor is a kitchen appliance that is mostly used to grind almonds. Having known that you can make ground almonds from flaked almonds, let’s find out how you can make ground almonds.

How to make ground almonds from flaked almonds

Making ground almonds from flaked almonds is not really much of a big deal, you just need to heed the right timing. Below are the steps;


  • Flaked almonds. 
  • Food Processor. 

Step 1

Cut your flaked almonds into smaller pieces.

Step 2

Put the small pieces of flaked almonds in your food processor. For baking, while adding the almonds to the processor, add a little bit of flour to prevent them from being greasy. 

Step 3

Turn on the food processor and start grinding the almonds till it’s like fine flour. Be careful not to overprocess the almonds as you don’t need your recipe to be too oily. 

How to make blanched almonds 

As I said earlier, blanched almonds are mostly used in making ground almonds. However, if you need to make blanched almonds yourself, below are the steps to take.

Step 1

Put the almonds in hot water for about 5 minutes, then drain out the water.

Step 2

Wait till the almonds are cool enough to be touched. Proceed by peeling out their skins. (This is optional depending on the dish you are making). However, note that the skin will make it hard for the processor to grind. 

Step 3

Split the almonds into equal halves.

Step 4 

Cut the almonds into small pieces.

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Can you grind almonds in a blender?

Yes, you can grind almonds in a blender. Although, note that you can’t use any kind of blender because of the texture of the almonds.

The texture is the main reason why using a food processor is advised. However, if you have a high-speed blender, it will work as much as a food processor. 

While using the high-speed blender, you should be careful not to overwork the almonds in it as it could force the oil out of it. In addition, ground almonds are easy to make as earlier stated, but you need to keep an eye on them. 

Are flaked almonds the same as sliced almonds?

Yes, flaked almonds are the same as sliced almonds. They are all categorized under the name blanched almonds with the exact creamy flavor. Sliced almonds make the flavor much more enhanced and fascinating. 

They are used as ingredients in meals and also used to bake. Flaked almonds and sliced almonds both have to go through the same process of making, and you can use them to make ground almonds also known as almond meals. 

How do I make an almond meal? 

Making an almond meal is similar to making ground almonds with flaked almonds. However, you just have to heed a few steps. Below are the ways to make an almond meal;


  • Almonds.
  • Food processor. 

Step 1 

Pour your chosen amount of almond into a food processor 

Step 2

Connect the food processor plug to the socket.

Step 3

Blend until you receive a fairly fine powder ( like fine bread crumbs)

Step 4 

Sieve the powder to collect the lighter bits

Step 5

Grind them again to achieve a smoother texture if you so desire.

Are flaked almonds healthy?

Yes, flaked almonds are healthy. Almonds contain lots of minerals and vitamins such as fat, protein, vitamin E, magnesium, and so on.

Almonds also have lots of health benefits that include lowering cholesterol levels, losing blood sugar, and decreasing blood pressure. They help promote weight loss and reduce hunger. 

However, note that Almonds have a source of antioxidants that can be harmful to your cell molecules. It also slightly boosts metabolism in the body. So, eating flaked almonds or almonds generally is advisable to prevent any unknown harmful diseases in the body. 


Can you substitute ground almonds for flour?

Yes, we can substitute ground almonds for flour since they have the same features and ability. This means that whatever you can use flour to do, ground almonds can also be used as a substitute. 

While flour can be used for baking, almonds can also be used as well. It can also be used as an ingredient in different recipes.

If you are without flour and you have almonds, you can make your almond flour at home. Ground almonds are easy to make at our convenience with the use of flaked or sliced almonds.

However, you have to be careful while using a food processor to grind, so that excess oil will not be processed out of the almonds causing your recipe to be greasy.

How to replace flour with ground almonds in baking

You will need to follow a simple technique to use ground almonds for baking instead of flour. Below are the ingredients and steps.


  • Use 1¼ or 100g cups of ground almonds instead of 90g or 1 cup of flour. 
  • Fat: use 3⅜ or 160g of coconut oil 
  • 1 Egg white
  • 1 tablespoon of ground chia seeds.
  • 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed. 
  • 1 teaspoon of xanthum gum. 

Step 1 

Put your ground almonds in a bowl.

Step 2 

Beat the egg white with the ground almond. 

Step 3

Mix thoroughly and add all the necessary seeds as indicated in the ingredient. 

Step 4

Ensure the batter is fluffy. Then, put the tin foil in the baking tray or pan.

Step 5 

Pour the batter in it and put it in the oven for 30 to 45minutes.

What is the difference between almond flour and ground almond?

Almonds flour is made with flaked almonds which require that the skin be peeled off before they are ground into a much finer size. While ground almonds are larger because they are grounded with a coarse attachment. 

For almond flour, the nuts have to be dried in the sun after peeling the skin before they can be ground. According to the differences, ground almonds give a more greasy and browner result. 

Furthermore, almond flour has a light texture that is suitable for baking, just like regular flour. It is good for pastry and biscuit recipes. Although you will need to add words to make the dough.

Can you grind nuts in a blender?

Of course, you can grind nuts in a blender. You can use a blender to grind any kind of seed or nuts, but the blender must be high speed. Basically, it is advisable to use a food processor instead of a blender to get a finer texture.

The blender will also give you the texture you need to dress your salad and other recipes. However, while using either the food processor or blender to grind your almonds, you need to be careful not to overwork or process the nuts to avoid making them too greasy. 

What are almonds?

Ground almonds are ingredients used to bake and make other meals, it is also used as a substitute for wheat flour. Almonds are classified under nuts which are known to be healthy.

It has a lot of health benefits and can be used to make different kinds of recipes. Although, note that Almonds have a source of antioxidants that can be harmful to your cell molecules as stated earlier in this article.

It also slightly boosts metabolism in the body. Almonds are naturally low in sugar and one of the nuts low in calories. You can make your almonds ground, flaked, and blanched. 

They are rich in fiber, proteins, and other minerals. Almonds can be used as an alternative to wheat flour, you can either use a food processor or blender to grind your almond into a powdery texture depending on what your recipe needs.

Can You Make Ground Almonds From Flaked Almonds – Conclusion

In this article, we understand that it is possible to make ground almonds from flaked almonds. However, you would need to heed the right steps to get your result which has been provided above.

We also understand the number of health benefits almonds has when they are consumed by everyone. I hope this article has answered every one of your questions, kindly put down your questions, comments, and, suggestion in the comment section below.