Can You Use A Meat Grinder To Grind Apples?

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It is no news that meat grinders are probably one of the kitchen items that can do basically anything you might require of them. It doesn’t mean they aren’t limits to what they can grind though; but doesn’t it include apples?

Can you use a meat grinder to grind apples? The answer to the above question is a big, fat, and emphatic YES, you can use a meat grinder to grind apples—I actually ran out of more synonyms to use, if you don’t mind, kindly add more in the comment section.

It’s not a straightforward process though, but it’s definitely not hard either. Kindly read through the steps below for the perfect result.

How to grind apples using a meat grinder

Before using your meat grinder to grind your apples, kindly note the following;

  • Core your apples.
  • Do not grind with the seeds as it could leave a lingering bad taste in your cedar.
  • Put the apples in the refrigerator to make it easier for the blades.

Having noted the points above, let’s proceed to the steps!

Step 1: Cut your apple into bits

After coring your apples and eliminating the seeds, the next thing is to cut your apples into bits so that they can be fed properly into the funnel.

Use a sharp knife and a chopping board to get the best result. Depending on your preference, you might want to peel off the skin of your apples to get an even texture at the end.

Step 2: Feed the apples into the grinder

Once your apples are cut into bits, feed the cold apples into the feeder of the meat grinder and grind. You can grind as many times as you want depending on the texture you wish to have, but don’t forget to put a bowl at the receiving end of the machine to collect your crushed apples.

The process listed above can be used for both the manual and electric meat grinder, but I strongly recommend you use electric grinders for a faster and more efficient result.

How to clean your meat grinder after use

Cleaning your meat grinder is the next step you should focus on after grinding your apples. Simply follow the steps as explained below to get the best result.

Step 1: Feed bread into the feeder

The reason for grinding bread after grinding your apples is to remove the oil that will be present in the engine of your grinder. The bread helps to absorb any lingering oil which is not good for your meat grinder

Step 2: Dismantle the removable parts and soak in soapy water

Dismantle only the parts of the meat grinder that can be removed, then soak the removable parts in warm soapy water for a couple of minutes.

Do not soak the motor of your meat grinder if you have the electric model as it would render your meat grinder useless afterwards.

Step 3: Wash soaked parts with a sponge and rinse

Wash the soaked parts with a sponge—ensure you do a thorough job. When you are done, rinse under running water for the best result, clean with a dry towel and allow to air-dry.

If you want to keep the parts fresh for future use, store them in a plastic sealable bag containing some amount of rice. The rice will help absorb any lingering liquid that might be present.

The cleaning step explained above is not just for when you grind apples, but other stuff such as meat, fruits, vegetables, among several others. Cleaning your grinder will help you improve its overall shelflife, and also make it more effective.

NB: experts have suggested that refrigerating the blades of your meat grinder will make them more effective for your next use.

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What are the other ways to grind apples?

Aside from using a meat grinder, there are other ways to grind your apple. Below are the other alternatives to grind your apples.

Using a food processor 

If you intend to make apple juice or apple pureè, the food processor is the best choice. This kitchen tool is easy to use and makes different recipes without stress.

 If there are many apples, you have to grind them in different batches. By doing this, you would avoid spills while grinding. 

Also, the food processor can grind other hard fruits and food items making them juicy or in purèe form. 

A blender

The blender is another kitchen appliance you can use to grind your apple. Although the blender is quite similar to a food processor, the blender motor is also strong enough to grind your apples and nuts. You can make juice and purée with your blender. 

However, to grind your apple with a blender, follow the steps below.

  • Wash your apples and cut them into small sizes.
  • Peel the apple skin with a grater. Nb- you can use a knife if you are well skilled.
  • Remove the seeds in the apples and the stem.
  • Put the apple in the blender.
  • Start blending. Ensure you don’t stuff the blender with the apple. If they are much, blend them in batches. 
  • Use a strainer to sieve out the water from the blended apples. 
  • Carefully pour the apple juice into a cup, so it doesn’t spill.


Can I use a meat grinder to grind fruits?

Of course, you can use your meat grinder to grind fruits. The only exception is if your meat grinder doesn’t have juicing attachments. However, some contemporary meat grinders have juice attachments which make things easier. 

In the absence of these attachments, you should purchase a new one. Also, you can purchase juicing attachments for your meat grinder if the attached accessory can be separated. 

Which fruits cannot be juiced?

While juicing makes it easy to consume a lot of fruits, not all fruits can be juiced. It can be hard to make juice out of these fruits. Below are the fruits that cannot be juiced.


Avocados do not have water in them, so you can make juice with them. However, they are mostly used to dress coleslaw, make smoothies, and so on. This fruit is so valuable due to the number of nutrients you’d benefit from it, such as vitamins, fats, and minerals. 


Recently, figs are mostly used in preparing some meals and also baking, but you can’t make juice out of them. If you intend to include figs in your juice, use your blender. 


Bananas are similar to avocado, they are creamy and without water. They are highly rich in potassium and you can make juice with them. They can be used to make smoothies with other fruits. 


This fruit is fibrous, so it is impossible to make juice out of them. Although they are usually sweet to enjoy, there is no water in them. Also, you can use a juicer or grinder to grind it because of its fibre. 

What can you grind in a meat grinder?

The meat grinder has a lot of functions and can be used to grind different food items and fruits.  Here are what you can do with a meat grinder;

Make sausages

You can use your meat grinder to grind any type of meat or beef to make sausages. Although you have to ensure it has a sausage attachment. If your grinder doesn’t have it, you can purchase it from the store. 

Grind bones 

It will be impossible for your pet to crunch big bones, so you can use your meat grinder to grind the bones into smaller sizes

Grind meat

Just like its actual name- meat grinder, it can be used in grinding meat for any dish you intend to make. 

Make dough

The meat grinder can help you make out dough for biscuits or cookies. It can also mix your dough and make a soft texture for you to make any snack you want. 

Grind veggies

You can grind veggies for your dishes with a meat grinder. It can grind as many as you want in a few minutes. You can also mix your veggies with it.

Grind herbs

Herbs are often included in meals to add more nutrients. Some herbs can be used without grinding them. However, the meat grinder can save you from the stress of grinding your herbs with mortar and pestle.

It will give you the texture you want by grinding it into powdery form. The only thing you have to do is use the right attachment. 

Can You Use A Meat Grinder To Grind Apples – Conclusion

The meat grinder has a lot of functions that include grinding apples. You just have to make use of the right steps.

Also, to prevent your meat grinder from rusting, you have to clean it immediately after every use. By cleaning it, it will be long-lasting. 

All the steps have been provided in this article, follow them closely to get the right result. Kindly put down your comments below. Cheers!!!