Cuisinart Meat Grinder Reviews

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Cuisinart Meat Grinder Reviews: Grinding meat has become very popular indeed with more and more people having a preference for processing their meat and meat products at home as against buying commercially ground meat from the market. Home ground meat has the added advantage of being the most hygienic since you’re at liberty to decide on your fat intake as well as get your meat processed as you exactly prefer it.

Also, you have the choice of adding whatever spices you care for if your meat is ground in your kitchen, compared to that which you buy from the market, whose contents you don’t determine and which is also more expensive. This makes the choice of a meat grinder of the utmost importance if you wish to derive real satisfaction.

To assist you in making the correct choices from the myriad of meat grinders in the market, we shall walk you through the qualities and features of eligible meat grinders then go straight to review the Cuisinart MG-100 Meat Grinder. The following is a critical analysis of good meat grinders that you should be mindful of.

Cuisinart Meat Grinders – Buyers’ Guide

1. Durable

Good meat grinders ought to be very durable because of the quality of materials used in producing them. They have either stainless steel or hardened plastic blades. It is noteworthy that plastic blades are almost as strong as the ones made of steel and both are resistant to corrosion, but the steel blades are preferred when working very hard ingredients.

2. Overheat

They are also made to overcome internal overheating and so prolong their life spans.

3. Auto Shutdown

In circumstances where power supply voltage fluctuates unduly, good meat grinders are built to turn themselves off to automatically to prevent damage to the product.

4. Warranty

One amazing quality you’ll find in good meat grinders is that they usually come with a lengthy guarantee and warranty agreements to protect the rights of customers should in case any of the parts got damage.

5. Mixers

They come with personal mixers or are made compatible with Kitchenaid mixers.

6. Parts

Spare parts that may be required during repairs or maintenance should be always readily available from the suppliers.

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7. Cleaning

Cleaning a good grinder should be simplified and all the parts except the motor should be dishwasher safe and disassembling before washing them should feel like breeze.

8. Beauty

Good grinders should be built to impress and attract; for these reasons, they should come handy as gifts and also help to beautify our homes.

9. Portable

Another amazing quality you should be looking out for in meat grinders is how portable they are. So they should be quite portable and light.  When they are light and small, they do not take up much space in storage and can easily be moved around.

10. Stable

Quality meat grinders should come with a strong and heavy rubber base. This gives them stability and prevents them from tumbling off work tables while in use.

11. LCD Alert

Although this isn’t a must but purchasing a grinder that is equipped with a friendly blue LCD light to alert us when the job is done is a time saver. This is one thing must grinders lacks.

12. Blades

Quality grinders should come with a variety of blades for different functions.

13. Motors

Good grinders from trusted brands come with heavy-duty electric motors which are designed to work for long periods without any problems.

14. Strong Blades

Blades forged from brittle materials are liable to break when overworked but the Cuisinart blades are made of fortified steel that can withstand stress.

Listed underneath are Cuisinart meat grinders that are always readily available at Amazon and which are designed with the stated qualities in mind. You can’t be landed with a counterfeit here.

  • Cuisinart MG-100 Electric Meat Grinder, Stainless Steel
  • Cuisinart MG-50 Meat Grinder Attachment for SM-50S

Cuisinart Meat Grinder Reviews

1. Cuisinart MG-100 Meat Grinder

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Main Features

This meat grinder is compatible with any KitchenAid Stand Mixer which it can transform into a versatile kitchen appliance to tackle culinary tasks. In addition, it comes with a 34-inch cord length. A mixer blends varieties of different meat chops together like beef and pork to produce sandwiches. It processes your meat and delivers in a matter of minutes to save precious time.

The grinder is also fitted with various grinding plates which makes it good for bulky work. It also comes with a wrench in the pack that is used in dismantling the appliance before washing. The instruction and users’ manual that comes in the pack see you through ordinary difficulties in using the implement as well as for effective maintenance.

The machine is easy to clean especially as most of its components are dishwasher safe and included in the pack is a wrench that is meant for the disassembling of its components before cleaning. Guarantee and warranty agreements are also available to protect customer privileges. Spare parts (at affordable prices) are also available whenever required for all repairs in cases of malfunctions.

The appliance is beautiful and very portable that it can be stored without taking up much space while its unique beauty makes it a perfect gift item equally during celebrations.  Designed from the best available materials and this prolongs its life span. The blades and most other components are forged in hardened steel for durability. Quite a rugged piece of equipment, if you ask me.

An LCD blue light on its siding alerts you whenever the processing is completed. An in-built mechanism cools the machine while in use, to prevent possible damage thereof. The protection switch turns it off the instant power supply is deemed excessive. A powerful electric motor confers on it enough strength to quickly get the job done.

2. Cuisinart MG-50 Meat Grinder Attachment for SM–50S

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Main Features

This isn’t a meat grinder per se but actually, an attachment for Cuisinart stand mixers.  Once attached, it can enable you to blend various types of meat in the production of sandwiches. This machine makes freshly ground meat in a matter of minutes thanks to its strong electric motor.

This meat grinders attachment comes with two grinding plates for fine and coarse cuts and also a sausage space plate. There are also two sausage nozzles; a large and a small one. The accompanying wrench in the pack is meant for use during dismantling prior to washing the machine.

Included in the pack is an instruction and recipe booklet to assist you where there are difficulties of whatever nature without expert help. All the components, with the exception of only the electric motor, are dishwasher compliant which makes it easy to clean regularly. However, be sure to open dry the machine after cleaning for an excellent performance.

Guarantee and warranty insurances cover the gadgets, for long periods, to ensure customer satisfaction. Spare parts are available in cases where their replacements are required. They are beautiful and very portable which make them easy to store and can help beautify your homes.

Made from the hardest and finest materials available confer on them unrivalled life spans. You can always vouch on these kitchen wares. The internal cooling devices ensure temperature regulation at normal levels to protect the products. A circuit breaker switches off the appliance when there is the risk of damage from abnormal voltage surges.

The blue LCD light on its siding alerts you whenever its job is completed for necessary attention while the heavy rubber base stabilizes this grinder and prevents it from cascading off work tables while in use or even afterwards.

Cuisinart Meat Grinder Reviews – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuisinart A Good Product?

Yes, most undeniably so especially considering that it either comes with its mixer or is compatible with KitchenAid Mixers which allows you to blend to perfection.

How To Assemble Cuisinart Meat Grinder

Step 1

Make sure all the components are dry and free from any trace of moisture and that all the parts are available before setting out to assemble.

Step 2

Dust clean all the parts with a fresh towel after you are sure they are complete.

Step 3

Next, start fitting the parts together beginning with the base on which it stands and build upwards.

Step 4

Make sure that the screws and bolts fit tightly using the wrench. The enclosed manual in the pack for customer benefits will be invaluable in this endeavour.

Which Is Better Cuisinart Or KitchenAid Meat Grinder?

Both are very reliable and excellent appliances without any doubt. However, the Cuisinart has the slight advantage of always coming with its own mixer or in the alternative being compatible to a KitchenAid mixer, where it doesn’t come with one. However, both models are available on-demand at Amazon.


Having studied in great details the stand-out qualities of good meat grinders, which are factors to look out for before purchase, it is left for you to put this knowledge to good use. The choices you make, after this, have the attendant effects of ensuring that you get maximum satisfaction from our kitchen wares.

These include the fact that by choosing well, money is saved and time is utilised. Interestingly, reliable products with all the attributes assured are readily available at Amazon. What’s more, you are covered by friendly terms of guarantee and warranty agreements to assure your satisfaction. Let us benefit maximally from the purpose for which this post is intended. More like what’s what worth doing is equally worth doing well.

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