How To Grind Long Pepper In Seconds Like A Pro 2023

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Long pepper can be difficult to use in meals due to its sturdiness, and lengthy shape. However, it is used to add complexity to some spices, and it is often used as an alternative to black pepper.

But it is best to grind it before use. This is because you won’t want to see the long shape of the pepper in your dish.

Moreover, most people often have issues grinding the long pepper the way they want. So, I’d be guiding you on how to do that easily in this blog post. “How To Grind Long Pepper”

There are different methods you can use to grind your long pepper. Those methods are as follows;

  • Using mortar and pestle.
  • Using a spice grinder.
  • Using a coffee grinder.
  • Use a Microplane zester.

Expert Ways To Grinding Long Peppers

Method 1: Using mortar and pestle

Technically, mortar and pestle is the traditional way used in grinding pepper. Though it is traditional, it has been modernized.

When using this mortar and pestle, you’d be able to see how the texture of the peppercorn breaks apart.

Although it takes a few moments but requires the use of your strength. Below are the materials and steps for this method.


Step 1

Prepare your mortar and pestle for use. Dry it if you just washed it because if it’s wet, it can make the pepper messy. 

Step 2

Pick a few long peppers you want to grind and put them in the mortar.

Step 3

Use the pestle to bash the pepper till it splits up and the berries come out. 

Step 4

Then, put the pestle and move your wrist in a circular movement like you are stirring a meal. Do this for about 10 seconds, and by then you should have a fine powder in the mortar. 

Step 5

A few pieces of the long pepper grains would still be in the powder. You can decide to use it like that, or sieve it. 

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Method 2: Using a spice grinder

A spice grinder is another kitchen appliance that can be used to grind long peppers easily. So, if you don’t find mortar and pestle easy to use, you can use a spice grinder to get a fine powder from the pepper grain. Below are the steps you need for this method.


Step 1

Use a dry cloth to clean the inner part of the spice grinder.

Step 2

Put a couple of long peppercorns in the grinder.

Step 3

Cover the spice grinder with the lid and turn on the grinder. 

Step 4

Let it run for a few seconds. Repeat the process twice till you get a fine powder. 

Nb– don’t add water to the grinder. 

Method 3: Using a coffee grinder 

A coffee grinder is quite similar to a spice grinder. It is used to grind some spices into fine powder for meals. With this grinder, you can have your long pepper ready for use. So, below are the materials and instructions for this method. 


Step 1

Dry the coffee grinder if it is wet or clean the accumulated dust in it with a towel.

Step 2

Put the long pepper in the grinder, but don’t add water.

Step 3

Let the coffee grinder run for a few moments till you get a fine powder. 

Step 4

Then, pour the pepper powder out of the spice grinder.

Method 4: Use a Microplane zester

A Microplane zester is a grater that is used to grate spices such as nutmeg, dried grains, etc into powder for meals.

This grater looks like a long knife, but it has blades on the surface that you can use to grate the dried ingredients. So, you’d be using the Microplane zester to grind your long pepper.


Step 1

Put the tray on the table and hold the Microplane zester on it. 

Step 2

Hold the zester handle with your left hand and use your other hand to hold the pepper grains.

Step 3

Put the pepper on the zester’s surface and move the pepper in an upward and downward motion on the blade surface (the normal grating process).

Step 4

By now, the pepper powder will be on the tray. 

What are the benefits of long pepper?

Long pepper is known as a plant and a very extraordinary spice to have. Not only is it used for cooking, but it also has other benefits. So, the benefits of this long pepper are as follows;

It prevents liver diseases

Long pepper has some useful elements that preserve the liver from failing. It oversees liver toxicity, and also plays a vast role in the way your digestive system functions.

As you know a healthy liver means a healthy digestive system. So, using long pepper secures and maintains the liver’s health.

It promotes the loss of weight 

The more junk and processed foods are being consumed, the more weight and body fat is being gained. This causes most people to become extremely fat (like obese) which a big stomach. However, losing weight becomes the next plan when there is fat. 

If you have tried different drugs for weight loss and none seems to be working, you can use long pepper. Unlike the side effects you get when you use weight-loss drugs, long pepper prevents harmful results when used for weight loss. 

Highly recommended for diabetes 

People with low or high glucose in the blood have a disease called diabetes. Then, the patient is told to reduce any food that can increase the diseases. 

Though it is known that there’s no drug to cure diabetes fast, this long pepper was used centuries ago as a remedy.

So, long pepper is recommended to regulate the sugar level and make the disease harmless. With the use of this pepper, you can be assured of healthy life. 

It fights bacteria infection

Bacteria is a parasite that lives around the environment. Just a little thing can be done to prevent your body from being infected by it.

However, the use of long pepper can help to fight any form of bacterial infection in the body. It can also be used to prevent it from occurring. The protection against bacteria can be gained by using ingesting the root of the pepper. 

For menstrual cramps

Long pepper works to prevent heavy menstrual flow and painful menstrual cramps. Also, it fights against a few symptoms of PMS and exhaustion. 

Aside from the help it provides during menstruation, it assists pregnant women in labor to facilitate the contractions of the uterus and increase the rate of delivery. Also, it can be consumed after the baby has been delivered to quicken the healing of the uterus. 

Improves the skin

If you have rough skin and you have been trying different creams or lotions to help smoothen it but they don’t work, you can make use of long pepper.

Long pepper helps to smoothen the skin, brighten the skin color, prevent wrinkles on the face and prevent any signs of aging. 

Can whole long pepper be used without grinding?

Yes, whole long pepper can be used without being ground. They are used in stews or sauces in whole, just like bay leaves and the flavor would still be infused in it.

However, it is preferable to be ground before using it. When it is used whole, it won’t be easy to be consumed, and the main benefits of using it will not be gained. 

But when it is ground, the vital oils, flavors, and aroma will be in the meal. Plus, the long pepper is similar to black pepper, but it is more beneficial. This means you can use it the same way you use black pepper. 

Conclusion- How To Grind Long Pepper

It might be hard to grind long pepper, but it is worth it. This is because when it is ground, you’d earn a lot of benefits from it. Having known you can grind long pepper, the various ways to grind it has been provided in this blog post. 

Likewise, the benefits of using long pepper were also discussed. With the benefits provided, you’d want to use long pepper more than black pepper. I hope this article provides you with the tips you need.

Good luck.