Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review (2023)

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A coffee grinder reduces the sizes of coffee beans to make them well-suited for coffee preparation, although varying methods of coffee preparation require different sizes of grinds, the width between the two burrs into which the coffee beans fall in the grinder determines the sizes of the grinds.

Coffee grind spectrum maybe fine like in Turkish and expresso coffee or coarse like in French coffee. Required sizes can be achieved through an appropriate setting of the grinder. Coffee grinders can also be either manual or electric and processing coffee must not result in any changes in taste, flavour or aroma.

This inevitably brings us to the choice of the correct grinder that will not temper with the properties of coffee. It is recommended that the grinder ‘Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder KCG0702020B‘ available at Amazon is chosen for its unique qualities and efficiency. Find below qualities that a reliable coffee grinder should have. Study them diligently before we take the reviews of the product for which this post was written.

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder KCG07020B – Buyers’ Guide

1. Grind Speed

Good grinders have in-built capacities to control the rate of grinding speeds with 15 grind rate being the best for fine granules. Lower speeds produce more coarse granules. Essentially, one chooses the rate that suits their tastes at the turn of a knob perfectly placed on the grinders.

2. Materials

They should be made from the finest of materials to resist corrosion of the product due to exposure to moisture. The blades are usually made of stainless steel for this reason and all other components that come in contact with water.

3. Large Motors

They should come with large electric motors to enhance speed during grinding and increase the efficiency of the equipment.

4. Flexible

The moving parts of good and unique grinders are designed to minimize static cling of coffee grinds on the glass bean hopper and the grinding jar. This reduces waste during grinding by preventing the spilling of ground bean seeds.

5. Easy To Clean

They should be very easy to clean by not more than wiping with a towel or brush. Other less popular products may involve a tedious and often tiring efforts to clean up after use.

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6. Less Heat

Friction should be reduced to the barest minimum in their designs and hence less heat should be produced. That less heat is produced during use means the natural taste and flavour of coffee is retained intact without any alteration.

7. Availability Of Parts

Service and repairs are simplified by the availability of all components and spare parts from Amazon These parts should also come at affordable prices.

8. Shapes And Sizes

Reliable grinders should also be available in various shapes and sizes. The electric motors and sizes of the blades are dependent on the grinder size generally. One is at liberty to choose according to their desires.

9. Stepped And Stepless

A good grinder is rated as either ‘stepped’ or ‘stepless’. Stepped grinders are fixed by the factory into a series of adjustments while ‘stepless’ varieties use a worm drive or other mechanisms to offer a near-infinite number of adjustments within their grind range. They may also be described as ‘dosers or ‘doserless’.

Dosers function as a catch bin to collect the ground coffee and by using a lever, users are able to dose any amount of coffee. The doserless varieties remove the bin and dosing functions in such a way that the grinder releases the coffee into an espresso machine portafilter or any other container.

10. Manual Or Electric

They come as either manual or electric. However, the manual grinders are less fast compared to the electric ones and are also not as efficient. They are also cheaper.

11. Beauty

Because of their beauty and elegant designs, these grinders can add beauty to your kitchen as well as serve as good gift items to loved ones.

12. Portable

A good burr grinder should be light, portable and hence easily concealed in cupboards or kitchen drawers.

13. Circuit Breaker

A good coffee grinder should come with in-built circuit breakers that turn off the gadgets so as to prevent accidents or damage to the equipment when there are abnormal power surges or fluctuations.

14. Warranty

To safeguard the interests of customers, all good products should have both a guarantee and warranty agreements.

15. Cooling System

Reliable products are expected to be equipped with an in-built cooling system to lessen heat production during prolonged uses.

16. Pollution

A good quality grinder should operate as noiselessly as possible to minimize pollution.

KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder KCG07020B Review

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Main Features

This grinder is equipped with a controlled grinding rate with the rate of 15 being its best for the finest coffee granules. It is built with a fitted cooling mechanism to prevent over-heating and denaturing of coffee. This grinder is produced from the finest of materials to guarantee its durability. Little wonder therefore why its blades are produced from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

It comes with a 7oz. glass bean hopper and grind jar which minimizes the static ‘cling’ of coffee grinds. It has a sleek, streamlined design that allows it to be stored on countertops or in drawers. They are also very easy to clean. The burrs for processing coffee turn at about 450 rpm which lessens heat build-up in the gadget and thus preserving the natural coffee flavour.

The grinder comes with a burr grinder, handle scoop (for retrieving ground coffee) and a burr cleaning brush to facilitate quick and easy cleaning. The grinder comes with large strong electric motors that facilitate speed and improve efficiency. The construction of the grinder is such that it minimizes friction to curtail heat built up in the equipment.

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Spare parts for replacements during repairs or maintenance are readily available at affordable prices at Amazon. It is also designated as stepped and a dorser with a series of adjustments to enable you make personal choices. The unique design of this grinder enables it to run smoothly and noiselessly without any environmental pollution.

A guarantee on any product is a promise to replace or refund for items bought during the agreed period whereas a warranty is an agreement to service articles bought within the agreed period for free by the manufacturers. This blender comes with a 30-day guarantee and a twelve (12) month warranty. Be rest assured it’s a good buy.

Due to its unique design, the grinder is designed in such a way that it can add beauty and appeal to your kitchen. Abnormal surges of power from the electricity grid can result in damage to the grinder or even accidents at home. This grinder is luckily equipped with a circuit breaker that abruptly cuts power supply to forestall accidents or damage to the equipment.

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review – FAQ

What Is A Burr?

First off, we need to understand the tiny bits of terms that make up this product. A burr has 2 meanings, it is simply a whirring sound, like the sound of cogs turning. Think of a regular grinder, it usually make a whirring sound. And it also means a small cutting tool used in grinders. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but there are some grinders that come with a burr that can actually remove or retouch some parts of the ingredients while grinding it.

What Is A Burr Grinder?

A burr mill, or burr grinder as it is mostly called, is a mill used to grind hard, small food ingredients between two revolving abrasive surfaces that are separated by a distance usually set manually by the user. Regular burr grinders are usually manufactured for a single purpose – grinding food ingredients. Some of which include coffee beans, dried peppercorns, coarse salt, melons, spices, poppy seeds etc.

What Is A Burr Coffee Grinder?

From the meaning of burr and the burr grinder, we can now deduce what exactly is a burr coffee grinder. Thus is basically a burr grinder specifically designed to grind coffee beans. There are different types of coffee grinders but a burr coffee grinder is a machine that in addition to grinding coffee to required sizes can also shred and separate coffee bean seed coats from the coffee seeds themselves. This is more like the removal of chaff from the grains or winnowing for short.

Setting Up Your Burr Grinder

If you ever need to set up or reassemble your burr grinder, it will interest you to know that it is actually a piece of cake once you focus on it.

See how you can do that yourself:

  • First, wipe the motor housing and cord with a clean damp cloth to remove dust or dirt.
  • Wash the bean hopper, lid, and ground jar in hot soapy water, then rinse and dry.
  • Unplug the burr grinder then attach the bean hopper to the top of the motor housing turning it clockwise until it fits.
  • Slide the ground jar onto the jar platform and ensure it is placed in the middle.
  • When your burr coffee grinder is all set up! You can now go ahead and start using it to make fine coffees for yourself and others

Adjusting Your Grinder

If there is any reason for you to adjust your grinder, maybe to better suit you, here is a simple step by step guide to help you do that:

  • First make sure the bean hopper is empty because having coffee beans in it may make it a little difficult to fix. Go ahead and flip the power switch up to turn it on, then leave it on to run for a few seconds to clear any debris in it.
  • If you are looking for maximum grind fineness, you can turn the grind control dial to level 8 and flip the power switch up to turn on the burr grinder. For maximum grind coarseness, you can turn the grind control dial to level 1 and you do not need to turn the burr grinder on while adjusting the burrs.
  • But if you can’t get the exact maximum coarseness of grind you prefer by adjusting it while it is off, try adjusting with the burr grinder turned on.
  • Get a hex head screwdriver that fits the screw and remove it from the front of the grind control dial by turning it counterclockwise. After removing the dial you will now be able to see the grind.

How To Use Burr Coffee Grinder

Using the burr coffee grinder is quite easy and I’ll show you just how it can be used with an illustration:
You will find two rings on the burr coffee grinder as a means of grinding. Here the beans will be dropped into the top of the grinder and pulverised.

To start using it:

  • Make sure that the burr grinder is unplugged then you can attach the bean hopper to the top of the motor housing and turning it clockwise until it is snug in.
  • Slide the ground jar onto the jar platform, making sure it is centred in the middle. This way you are assured that you will get the perfect grind without spills too.
  • Fill the bean hopper and then attach the lid before selecting your desired grind setting using the setting chart.
  • Plug the burr grinder and turn the power switch on to begin grinding your coffee. When you have ground the desired amount of coffee, you can switch it off and disconnect.
  • After that, remove the ground jar from the burr grinder and scoop out the ground coffee to store or make your coffee and enjoy your drink.

Is A Coffee Grinder Really Worth It?

If you are wondering if a coffee grinder is worth it, you should know that it really is. Processing coffee beans before use is a time consuming and stressful enterprise to be candid not to talk of likely errors in the process that might tamper with its natural qualities and taste. Trust me, a coffee grinder saves you time and stress, while also giving the maximum satisfaction so that you can enjoy your coffee the way you want with ease.

What Is The Difference Between A Burr Grinder And A Conical Burr Grinder?

If you are one of those who ask to know the difference between a burr grinder and a conical burr grinder, let me explain them to you. A burr grinder consists only of a grinding jar that processes coffee beans to the sizes required for making coffee whereas a conical burr grinder has in addition a glass bean hopper that collects seed coats after shredding to minimize the static cling of coffee grinds.

Both grinders produce a consistent grind even though the conical burrs are mostly used on a low speed. Most coffee lovers prefer the burr grinder because the beans are ground in a constant size and you have more control over your grind.

How Do You Clean A Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder?

To clean your burr coffee grinder, you must never wash or immerse the main body, cutting burrs, burr-shaft assembly or faceplate into the water to avoid damage. However, the bean hopper and lid and grind jar can be washed and are also dishwasher safe.

Whenever you want to wash your grinder, here are the simplest ways you can do that. Remember that cleaning enables the burrs to achieve the finest and most consistent grinds possible, so if you use it very often, you may need to clean it regularly.

  • After using the grinder, remove the bean hopper, lid, and grind jar and wash by hand with a soft cloth in warm soapy water. You can also use the top rack of a dishwasher.
  • Clean the grinder’s main body and all its parts by hand with a soft, damp cloth before drying it thoroughly with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using a dishwasher for this or immersing completely in water.
  • Remove the face-plate assembly by manually loosening the screws on either side. You can clean it with a damp cloth when it is out.
  • Pull the burr-shaft assembly out and use the burr-cleaning brush to clean the burr mounted on the burr-shaft assembly and in the motor housing.
  • Allow everything to air dry before reassembling it again when you want to use it.

Is There A Coffee Grinder Attachment For A Kitchenaid Mixer?

For a Kitchenaid mixer, yes there is a coffee grinder attachment. Some Kitchenaid mixers come equipped with attachment blades that are highly effective when properly set on the right speeds to grind coffee. These attachment blades have adjustable speeds and the speed choice is determined by the ingredients to be processed; simply set the machine to the right speed after choosing the blade for grinding coffee and grind away.

Can A Kitchenaid Food Processor Grind Coffee?

A lot of people who have Kitchenaid food processors and who love taking coffee always ask this question. The simple answer is, yes, your handy Kitchenaid food processor can grind your coffee as long as it has the pulse function. The pulse function button allows the user to set the grinding speed as desired on a scale of 15, which is excellent for grinding your coffee.

How Long Does A Burr Grinder Last?

It isn’t a question that can take a straight forward answer as it requires the consideration of many other related factors. By and by, a burr grinder can last long indeed but with the right care and meticulous use of course. Just be sure to clean it regularly after every use, making sure it is always air-dried to prevent rusting and shorten its life span.

Store it properly to avoid mishandling by children and others. Also, ensure that it is used with the recommended voltage to avoid damage and if it ever gets damaged, refer repairs and maintenance to qualified personnel only.

As long as you follow all these safety measures, you can be sure to have your grinder around for as long as possible, serving you just fine. The only problem you may have is the lack of replacement parts if it ever develops a fault.

Kitchenaid Burr Coffee Grinder Review – Conclusion

We have enumerated in detail the qualities of a good coffee grinder as well as the features and advantages this particular model has over others of its kind in the market. We are therefore in a position to decide on what to buy and what not to since the facts have been laid bare before us. Choose well to avoid after purchase complaints and regrets.

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