How Fast Should A Meat Grinder Turn?

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How Fast Should A Meat Grinder Turn? Meat grinders usually turn as fast as the electric motor it uses can rotate per minute, the power output of the motor determines how fast the meat grinder works.

That’s why smaller and less expensive meat grinders are equipped with less powerful electric motors and industrial-sized ones are equipped with super powerful electric motors to grind as much meat as possible in an hour. However, there are other factors that can determine how fast your meat grinder turns, these are—

Factors that determine the speed of meat grinders

Here are some of the factors that affects the overall speed of your meat grinder—

Electrical Motor

As mentioned earlier, the power output of your meat grinder’s motor is what determines the speed at which it runs, most meat grinders are equipped with a powerful enough motor to get the blades turning fast enough to grind the meat into small bits, some can even grind bones.

#8 Meat grinders are typically equipped with electrical motors that range from between 0.75-1HP which is ideal for a small meat grinder.

When are larger meat grinder is equipped with this kind of motor, the blades will move extremely slowly because the power output is not designed to carry the weight of the large gears of the meat grinder.

#32 Meat grinders which are the largest are equipped with an electric motor that ranges from 2-2.5HP, this power output is sufficient to properly run a meat grinder of this size, and although you can use this motor for the #8, the size of the smaller meat grinder would make it pointless. To get more work done, you need a large feed tube and gears to support the system.

Size of meat

No matter how powerful your meat grinder is, when you put large chunks of meat into the feed tube, it will have to work extra hard to break down the meat into smaller pieces before grinding it completely.

The larger the chunks of meat the slower the meat grinder will turn, therefore, if you want to maximize the efficiency of your meat grinder, then it’s best to help it along by chopping the meat into small bite-size chunks.

It may seem stressful at first, but it will help the process along nicely, if you want to be a bit extra (which is recommended) then you should also chill the meat for a little while before grinding. The harder the meat, the easier it will pass through the blades and plate.

Control switch

Some meat grinders are equipped with a switch that can be used to control the speed at which the motor moves, the control is necessary to determine the texture and consistency of your blend of meat, also to help the process along if the meat grinder gets clogged. The control also includes a reverse function.

The slower speed setting is ideal when stuffing sausage, it will help you do it efficiently because sausage stuffing can be a delicate process.

Power input

Every meat grinder has a required voltage at which it runs at, at maximum capacity. If your electrical power supply is lower than the requirement it will inevitably make the meat grinder underperform.

When purchasing a meat grinder, read the manufacturer’s guide properly in order to figure out the required voltage.

Afterwards, you need to install an outlet that can sustain the level of power which you’re going to be running at. When you check all the boxes, your meat grinder will run properly and also work at the speeds which you need.

Idle Speed

The speed of your meat grinder when there is no load in it is called the idle speed, the rate at which it turns when there isn’t load inside is always different from when you begin to grind meat in it.

The idle speed is usually a lot faster, therefore if you run your meat grinder and it rotates super fast, don’t expect that the speed will remain the same even after you’ve started grinding. Meat in the grinder makes it run slower than the idle speed.

Faulty grinder

If any component of your meat grinder becomes faulty, especially the electrical motor itself, it will surely affect how fast the meat grinder will turn. Therefore if your meat grinder is not turning as fast as you’re used to, then you should probably have it checked out by a professional.

If you need to replace any of the components, ensure you get the best replacement you can find to get it back to its original efficiency.


If you have been using your meat grinder for a couple of years, or you bought yours at a thrift store. Then it should not come as a surprise if the speed is not as fast as a brand new meat grinder, all the components have become weak at this point and no matter how sturdy it is built, it can not stand the test of time.

Proper maintenance of your meat grinder is advised to prolong the longevity, ensure to always service the components regularly so it doesn’t fail while you’re using it.


A low-quality meat grinder will come with high specifications for a cheaper price, and although it may deliver on those specs for a couple of weeks because the materials used to make it are subpar, it will inevitably slow down after a couple of uses.

The speeds at which it turned when it was new would change significantly. Spend a couple of extra bucks, get the best meat grinder you can find on the market, those are built to be more sturdy and will last. Check the; LEM Products Stainless Steel Meat Grinder.

Safety Tips when using a meat grinder

Operating a meat grinder without proper safety gears or knowledge can lead to injuries, also there are a few things to do before, during and after grinding that should not be ignored—

Wear Gloves

Always ensure you wear gloves when grinding meat with a meat grinder, not only for your safety but for others.

When you wear a glove, it becomes significantly harder to get cut by any of the parts of the meat grinder. Also, gloves make it more hygienic, when you use your bare hands you may transfer germs into the meat.

Wash meat properly

When you purchase meat from a butcher, always ensure you wash it thoroughly, more than once. You don’t know where the meat has been, in order to make it as sanitary as possible and avoid food poisoning, wash the meat properly. This step can not be ignored, it is vital.

Make sure all components are attached properly

Before plugging into an outlet running the meat grinder, ensure all the parts are fastened properly. If there are any loose parts, when you start running the meat grinder, the loose parts may fall off and hit your foot. Or worse, a loose bolt may fall into your ground meat, imagine biting into metal when you’re eating.


Why is my meat grinder not working?

If your meat grinder is not working, there are two things to look out for, first, is it properly plugged in and is there power running through the outlet?

Secondly, ensure the motor of your meat grinder isn’t fried from a power surge, you can do this by taking it to a professional or doing it yourself if you have the tools.

Can I use my stand mixer to grind meat?

Yes, you can, some stand mixers are equipped with a meat grinder and also come with sausage stuffing kits. You can also extrude pasta with the stand mixer. You can grind meat with your KitchenAid when you have a Meat Grinder Attachment for KitchenAid Stand Mixers

Should I leave my meat grinder plugged in after using it?

Do not leave your meat grinder plugged in after using it, as soon as you’re done grinding, unplug from the socket and fold up the cord nicely.

If it is moveable, make sure you store it in a box away from where it can cause you to trip over. Power surges can ruin the meat grinder and even cause a fire.

Can I grind meat with a food processor?

Yes, you can, most food processors are powerful enough to grind meat. If you own a food processor and you need some ground meat. All you have to do is chop the meat, wash properly and chill for a bit till it hardens, then grind in the food processor.

Why does my meat taste weird after grinding it with my meat grinder?

Either the meat itself is bad, or your food processor is dirty. Either way, when your meat tastes weird, it’s probably a sign you should not eat the meat, just throw it away or feed it to your pet if you think it’s safe enough.

How Fast Should A Meat Grinder Turn – Conclusion

The speeds of meat grinders are different depending on the size and model, if you need a meat grinder that can grind a lot of meat in a quick time. Purchase a model with a powerful electric motor. Good luck!