Can You Fly With A Coffee Grinder? Find Out

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Can You Fly With A Coffee Grinder? Yes, you can fly with a coffee grinder, however, there are some conditions that have to be met and rules followed in order to travel with your grinding device.

You have the options to either travel with it in your carryon bags or in your checked bags, if the blade of the coffee grinder is not detachable then you may need to keep it in your checked bag, however, if you can detach the blade then you can bring it with you in your carry-on bag.

There are a few things to learn about flying with personal effects that may save you time and effort—

What is a carry-on bag?

 In simple terms, a carry-on bag is a bag that you carry with you on the plane to your seat. However, there are bag sizes which can not be considered carry-ons due to the large size.

Coffee grinders that are allowed in carry-on bags

In case you were wondering which coffee grinder models which you can put in your carryon bag when flying, here are a few to give you the general idea;

1. KRUPS Precision Grinder

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Although this can hold a 2-8 cups capacity of ground coffee, this coffee grinder is super compact and very portable. It can easily fit in your luggage and won’t occupy much space, it works as the perfect on the go tool for your freshly brewed coffee, we all need that morning caffeine hit on slow days.

2. Secura Electric Coffee Grinder

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Another very portable grinder that is made of stainless steel, it is very sturdy and should fit perfectly in your bags while flying. Don’t own one of these? I highly recommend you purchase it, its longevity is second to none.

It is a bit on the expensive side but it is worth every penny you are gonna spend on it, it will make your morning coffee experience tastier.

3. KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder

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This is a powerful coffee grinder that grinds up to 5 cups of coffee per minute, it is also very compact and barely takes up room.

The short grinding blades means it meets the requirements of items that can be put in a carry-on bag, it has a sturdy exterior that can withstand a lot of pressure.

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What is a checked bag?

This is luggage that has met the requirements provided by TSA and is kept in a storage space or cargo area on the plane away from the reach of passengers.

The checked-in luggage can be small or large. Items that aren’t allowed in your carry-on bag can be put in the checked bag if they meet the regulations. Your coffee grinders can go in the checked bag for sure.

Are Coffee grinders allowed in a checked bag?

Here are the coffee grinders that will not be allowed in a carryon bag but can be put in a checked bag;

1. Mr Coffee Automatic Burr Mill

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This is a large tabletop coffee grinder that is designed for commercial use, it can grind as much as 15 cups of coffee beans per minute.

It is super powerful, although the exterior is a tad fragile because it’s made with plastic, it has long grinding blades which is the reason it should not be in your carry-on bag.

2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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Made for commercial use, like in coffee houses and restaurants, the blades are detachable which means you can put them in your carry-on bag, however, the blades will have to be in your checked bag. It’s best to leave them together so you don’t misplace any components.

3. OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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Large coffee grinder for countertops, typically found in coffee shops. The fragile exterior means you have to pack it properly with soft paddings to buffer it in case your bags get manhandled.

It grinds as much as 14-20 cups of coffee per minute, highly recommended for quick and easy cups of coffee.

Some TSA Rules

Here are some rules regarding bags and personal effects when boarding a flight, it may save you the embarrassment, who knows…

More than 3.4 Ounces of Liquid is Prohibited

Every item which is in liquid form that is beyond 3.4 ounces is not allowed on a commercial flight, that means your water bottles have to be small-sized, you cannot bring big sized toothpaste with you either, you have to get these tiny “travel-sized” ones.

Lotions and Gel beyond the specified size are also strictly prohibited on board of a commercial flight. Whatever form of liquid you have on you, it doesn’t matter if it’s plain water or the key ingredient to make a hydrogen bomb, if it’s beyond 3.4 ounces you can not bring it on board with you.

No metallic objects longer than 3 Inches

Metallic objects that are longer than 3 inches are also not allowed on board, especially in your carry-on bag, which means no Machetes (Why would you even want to bring one of these on a plane?) No Knives, Spoons or Scissors, as long as it’s longer than 3 inches, it’s a “no-no”.

Basically, anything that can be forged into a weapon with relative ease stays out of the plane, that’s the whole gist. That means no guns, or even replicas of a gun, even if it’s a toy gun. Just no.


Can I take coffee in hand luggage?

You can take coffee beans in your carry-on luggage, however, you have to keep it in a transparent bag so the contents are in clear view. As for coffee drinks, as long as it’s not above the 3.4-ounce limit, you should be fine.

You can get coffee onboard the flight if you request for some, it may not be as your home-brewed version but at least it’s something.

Can I pack ground coffee in checked luggage?

Yes, you can pack ground coffee in your checked luggage, you have to get special permission however because powdered substances have to be declared and then checked to ensure it is safe enough to be put on board the aircraft. As long as you state what you’re packing, you can fly with your ground coffee.

Do I need a receipt to check my coffee grinder?

It depends on the airport, and if you’re being messed with or pranked, you typically don’t need to provide proof of ownership for electrical appliances.

If you were then it would be a hassle travelling because mobile phones, AirPods and other devices have to be checked, which will delay the whole process. Flying is already stressful as is, no need to make it even more complicated.

Is alcohol allowed on a plane?

Yes, you can bring alcohol onboard a plane, however, there are a few things to know, first is obvious, which is the fact that you can’t carry more than 3.4 ounces of liquid in your carry-on bag.

Secondly, alcohol with contents over 70% are not allowed on board a flight. In your carry-on bag or in your checked bag. If you need alcohol, you can always get some when you arrive at your destination.

Can I get arrested for carrying scissors in my carry-on luggage?

No, you can not, unless there’s a note attached to the scissors which state that you intend to hijack the plane with the bomb you hid in your butt, else you’re good.

All they do is confiscate the scissors and ask you to check it in your checked luggage, if you’re in a hurry then you would have to leave it behind. If you insist on taking it by force, then you’ll get arrested. Almost immediately, no questions were asked.

Will I get my items back if confiscated?

 Yes, you can, although it is usually a tedious process because you will have to sort through all the items confiscated to search for yours.

Well, you don’t search for it yourself, an employee does the searching. Unless your item has distinct markings, do not expect to get it back any time soon.

Can You Fly With A Coffee Grinder – Conclusion

Flying can be a stressful experience, especially on commercial flights, it usually involves a lot of checking and protocols. Well, they are put in place for your safety but no one said you can’t nag about it.

If you need to fly with your coffee grinder then it’s important to note the type of coffee grinder you can put in your carryon bag, it has to be portable and compact so you have space for your clothes and also the blades have to be less than 3 inches long if they exceed then you need to detach it and carry the blades in your checked bag.

When you learn about all the requirements provided by the TSA and learn to work the system, flying should become more convenient and easier.

Prohibited items should be avoided at all costs, follow all the guidelines, and don’t act unruly. Wherever your destination is, I hope you have a safe trip.