Can You Grind Cheese In A Meat Grinder?

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The meat grinder has made grinding so easier. A lot of people now make use of the meat grinder to grind meat, bones, cookie dough, vegetables, and so on but can you grind cheese in a meat grinder?

Of course, you can grind cheese in a meat grinder if you have the right attachment (such as this Cheese Grater Attachment ) in place.

This machine – Multifunctional Electric Kitchen Mixer does not only allows you to grind different types of ingredients or meals for any meals you intend to make, but also comes with a meat grinder, pasta roller, sausage stuffer, slicer & shredder, cookie presses and juicer attachments as well.

Cheese can be used to make burgers and all sorts of meals, although some restaurants do not go through the stress of grinding cheese, they prefer to purchase cheese from the store.

For home cheese users, it is advisable to grind your cheese yourself at home with the use of a meat grinder because grinding cheese with a meat grinder offers you plenty of options.

How to grind cheese with a meat grinder

To shred your cheese is not hard as it sounds. This process would take you nothing less than two minutes when you make use of the larger holes of a grater.

You can also make use of the shredding disk of a food processor and that would take you ten seconds to complete your task although using this would increase the number of dishes you would wash.

As for your cheese and other ingredients, they would be a lot more filled with flavour, and I’m so sure you would want that. Before you start shredding your cheese, there are some things that you should have in mind.

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Step 1: Freeze your cheese and the grinding equipment

Your meat grinder will always work better when it is refrigerated for a while. Ensure you also refrigerate your cheese so they can stay together when you are done with the grinding process. Refrigerating your cheese before grinding also helps it grind properly.

Step 2: Cut your cheese into bits

Don’t go dumping your lump of cheese into the food tube of your meat grinder even if it is electric. Ensure you cut them into bits that can be easily accommodated by your meat grinder. You should do this before refrigerating your cheese.

Step 3: Use a fine grinder plate

You are also advised to use the grinder plate used to turn out fine particles. The fine grinder plate will ensure your cheese stays together after grinding.

This should give you the perfect ground cheese you hope for depending on what you want.

You can also shred your cheese on waxed paper. When you are done shredding, pick it up from the two sides and turn it in a cup and throw away the waxed paper when you are done.

Challenges involved when using a meat grinder to grind cheese

One of the major challenges you are likely to face when grinding cheese with your meat grinder is if the cheese isn’t refrigerated before grinding.

Cheese is generally oily, and the only way you can comfortably grind your cheese in a meat grinder is if the oil aspect of your cheese is controlled which can only be a possibility if it is refrigerated.

Another aspect to consider is the cleaning process. You would have to use a good amount of bread slices to remove the oil in the food tube which might not go down well with some persons who don’t like wasting food.

Other than these challenges, your cheese is supposed to come out fine as long as you follow the steps outlined above.

How to clean your meat grinder after grinding cheese

Cleaning your meat grinder after grinding cheese is the next logical thing to do after grinding cheese. Due to the high content of oil in cheese, it is essential to follow the steps below for an effective result.

Step 1: Grind slices of bread through your meat grinder

There is bound to be oil residue after grinding your cheese, and that’s why it is important to grind some slices of bread through the food tube to help absorb the fat residue that might come from your grinding cheese.

Step 2: Dismantle your meat grinder

Get hold of your manual if you don’t know how to dismantle your meat grinder. Even if you do, try making a video of the process so you can know where each part goes when it’s time to couple them back together.

Step 3: Soak the parts of your grinder in soapy water

The next thing to do is to soak some parts of your meat grinder in warm soapy water. Don’t soak the motor part of your meat grinder if it is electric. Simply clean the parts with a rag, and you should be good to go. Time duration of 30-minutes should be enough to soak the meat grinder.

Step 4: Wash thoroughly

Use a bottle brush and a sponge and wash the parts of your meat grinder after they are soaked for the required time duration. Do a thorough job and ensure you get to all the nooks and cranny areas of your meat grinder. Use the bottle brush to get to areas where your sponge wouldn’t be able to reach.

Step 5: Rinse and dry

After washing, rinse and dry the parts. Ensure the washed parts are totally dried before you couple them together to avoid rust.

Best way to grind cheese

Aside from using a meat grinder to grind cheese, you can also use the following to get the best result:

Having any of these appliances at home should come in handy when it comes to grinding cheese, but a meat grinder or this food processor will get the job done more effectively.

What can you grind in a meat grinder?

Meat grinder grinds a lot of things. Some meat grinders even have some attached accessories for grinding whatever you want to grind. You are right if you call the meat grinder a double tasking machine, but even at that, there are still some things that cannot be ground in it, so it is good if you know what and what you should grind in the meat grinder. You can make use of the meat grinder to grind:

  • Onions
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Cheese

The meat grinder has two dies which are coarse and fine, mostly the coarse die is used to grind first before the fine die is used to grind on the second time. Sausage and burger makers make use of the meat grinder to grind meat to save money.

What can I do with a meat grinder?

You can do a lot of things with a meat grinder, plus it can serve as an alternative for most things. It also saves you from a lot of expenses like going to the butcher to grind your and so on, plus it also has a lot of attached accessories for grinding different things for a different texture. I’d list the things you can do with a meat grinder below.

To grind meat

Grinding of meat is number one on my list because it is one of the major things that a may grinder is used for.

A meat grinder is used to grind meat for sausages or burgers, depending on the texture you want to get at the end of the grinding process plus it has various sizes of blades and different sizes of the die.

When you make use of the meat grinder, you tend to have the juiciness and tender texture that you desire. You can also grind as many types of meat as you want.

To make burgers

I already said this in the first thing on my list, meat grinders can be used to grind meats for burgers, I can also say they can be used to make burger patties.

Purchase any meat of your choice and add the number of fats that you want- not forgetting that adding fats is important in making burgers, then add your spices and oil.

This would make you take control over the texture of your ground meat. Immediately your meat is coming out of the meat grinder, shape it and fry.

To make sausages

For sausage lovers, there are a whole lot of dishes you can make with it. With the use of a meat grinder, you can grind your meat to make sausages and season them immediately your done grinding.

NB – if after you purchase your meat grinder, you do not find the attached sausage accessories in it, you can purchase it separately.

To grind veggies

This also works in handy for vegetarians, you can grind different types of veggies with the meat grinder. Most chefs who make vegetarian dishes prefer to make use of the meat grinder rather than the veggie mixer.

Grinding your veggies with your meat grinder allows you to also add spices or ingredients while grinding.

It can also be used as a juicer

Your meat grinder can serve as an alternative to juice fruits. Most meat grinders have attached juicing accessory from the manufacturer which saves your money from purchasing one separately while one does not have but it is all good you can purchase one separately, all you have to do is to get the appropriate accessory that would work with your meat grinder so it won’t get damaged.

To grind bones

most people make use of the meat grinder to grind bones for their pets so that the way their pets would consume the bones would be easier. That’s interesting, right? Yes, I know it is. You can grind the bones of a chicken, rabbit, cow, and so on.


Can I use meat grinders to grind vegetables?

Of course, you can. A meat grinder can be used to grind veggies, meats, and even fruits. It is also a helpful appliance to vegetarians not only to non-vegetarians. It even helps to grind veggies faster than a normal vegetable mixer.

Is grinding your meat worth it?

Of course, it is worth it. You would surely be happy when you find out that you didn’t spend much in making your sausage or burger, this would happen if you grind your meat yourself. In other words, grinding your meat yourself reduces the cost you would spend on making any dish.

Is the meat grinder worth the purchase?

Of course, it is worth the purchase. Although there are a few things you need to know about the meat grinder and why I said it is worth the purchase. The meat grinder is of two types which are – manual and electrical.  Each one of them has its advantages, these would help you chose the type you want to purchase.

  • Manual meat grinder- this can be used by those who do not intend to grind a lot of meat all at once and also those who prefer to grind their meat periodically.
  • Electrical meat grinder – this can be used by those who grind a large number of meats and would not want a lot of effort to do so. This is the best deal for you, it is quite fast and it also has different sizes of blades for the texture of meat you want.

there are things you should also consider which purchasing a meat grinder.

Amount of meat you intend to grind

If you are the type that grinds a lot of meat, you can purchase the electrical meat grinder. This would help you grind your larger amount of meat faster, plus you can also make use of available sizes of blades till you get the texture of meat that you want.


The stability or the strength of your meat grinder matters a lot. It’s just like making use of low MAH of power bank to charge a phone battery with higher MAH, funny enough it might not even charge the phone battery – this same thing applies to your meat grinder and the amount of meat you intend to grind.


You should also consider your funds if you do not have enough money, you can purchase the manual meat grinder because this does not cost a lot of money but if you have enough money, you can purchase the electrical meat grinder.

Can You Grind Cheese In A Meat Grinder – Conclusion

A meat grinder is a double task appliance, it can be used to grind meat, veggies, cheese and it can also be an alternative to Juicer. You just have to purchase the right grinder for what you intend to do.

It is either you purchase the manual grinder or the electrical blender whichever one you can afford would work out well for you plus if you intend to save more money, grinding your meat yourself is the best option and aside from that you get to be in total control of your meat and the amount of fat that goes into it.

I hope you take note of everything that was listed in this article. Kindly put down your questions or suggestions in the comment section, I would be glad to answer your questions and also learn from you. Cheers!!!