Why Double Grind Meat? Find Out

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Meat is being consumed in different ways – boiled, fried, grilled, and ground. It all depends on the way you want it, but the most consumed in this modern-day is the ground meat. It is being used to prepare or make different types of meals like- sausages, burgers and so on.

If you are new to grinding meat for sausage, you might be wondering why people double grind their meat? and if you still haven’t found an answer to that already, here’s one for you. Double grinding your meat gives you that consistent texture to what you want to prepare than when you grind once.

There are indeed sizes of grinder plates to grind meat, nevertheless, it is good to double grind your meat.

Those who make sausages or burgers have different textures they want to get at the end of the grinding process, some grind once with the coarse or fine die and get the result they want while some grind twice with both plates before they get the result they want. Regardless, it is advisable to grind your meat twice.

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How many times should you grind venison?

There are a lot of meat/animals you can use to make your meat sausages, minced meat, or burgers. One of them is venison, which is meat from a game animal but now it is referred to as meat from a deer or elk.

Most of the meat grinder has attached accessories with different sizes of die plates which are coarse and fine die. Some also have three different sizes which are small, medium, and large. You should grind your venison twice with the coarse first and the fine last.

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How to grind venison – Step by step

After preparing all the equipment that would be needed in the process, that is when you should go ahead to grind.

Do not grind your meat a day before or two days before you intend to make use of it because it would reduce the quality and freshness of the meat, and you might also lose some flavour or juiciness from the meat.

Grinding your meat yourself would save you a lot of money and you would not have to worry about the freshness of the meat because you would know within you that the meat you are grinding is fresh, plus you would get to add your fat to your meat.

Before grinding your meat, make sure you already have the appropriate grinder, because that would make grinding venison easier.

Follow the steps on how to get your venison below.

Step 1: Freeze your meat

An easier way to grind your meat is to make it frozen. When your meat is cold, it makes it easier to cut your meat. It doesn’t have to be frozen but it has to be cold. When it is cold, begin the cutting and dicing process. Cut your meat into small cubes, this would make it easier to run through in the meat grinder.

Step 2: Trim your meat

You would notice a sliver skin on all your venison, trim this sliver part away from the meat. If you grind your venison with the silver skin, the silver skin would get stuck in the grinder and this would make the grinder’s blades slow down the grinding.

Step 3: Get a big grinder

Purchase a big grinder(Like this LEM Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder) because the bigger the grinder, the faster the grinding process. Make use of the coarse die to grind the meat on the first round before using the fine die to double grind the meat.

Step 4: Include fats

Venison does not have enough fats so it is important to add fats to your venison to enjoy the flavour and juiciness of your burger or sausage.

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Do not make use of deer meat fat because it has a stronger flavour. To add fats to your venison, grind your venison first and then grind the fats and mix your venison and fats with your hands and put it immediately into your grinder and grind it together.

Step 5: Patty press

Purchase a patty press and make use of it to shape your venison into uniform shapes, so that your meat would not fall when you start cooking.

Make use of this patty press and after shaping all your patty, put them into a wrap and wrap them separately, and put them in the refrigerator till it is frozen. When they are frozen, it would keep them from sticking together while you are cooking.

How much beef fat should I add to venison?

You might have noticed that every meat you use for sausages or burgers requires fat. A certain ratio of fat must be included because one of the secret ingredients to a juicy meat burger or sausage is fat. At least 1 pound of beef fat should be added to 4 pounds of venison.

Do I need to add fats to ground venison?

It is necessary, it is important, it is essential to add fats to ground venison or even ground meat. If you intend to have a perfect, tasty, and juicy burger of sausage you should add fats to ground venison or ground meat.

This is because fats act as a flavour and juicy agent to your sausages and burgers. It also helps to bind your ground meat and other ingredients together.

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How to grill your hamburger?

After shaping and creating a thumbprint at the centre of the burger, the next process to grill your burger. Follow the steps below to grill your burger perfectly.

Step 1: High temperature

At a high heat temperature, place your meat on the grill and grill.

Step 2: Do not use a spatula

Do not make use of a spatula to compress your burgers because the juiciness and flavours are supposed to remain in the burger.

Step 3: flip your burger

Flip your burgers just once. Do not flip your burgers twice, make sure you cook one side for at least three minutes and the other said for five minutes.

Step 4: Cover the lid

If your burger flares up while grilling, you can cover the lid. When you are done grilling, ensure your burger is well rested before serving it.

Can you grind meat after it is cooked? 

Of recent, almost everyone prefers ground meat to eat because it gives the meal a special taste and probably because it is easy to eat, and also because it can be used to make any type of delicacy or snack. Yes, you can grind meat after it is being cooked.

However, you should have in mind that some meat grinders would not be able to grind meat when it is cooked.

Is deer meat healthy for you?

Yes, it is healthy for you. Deer meat is richer in protein than other red meats and it makes your body healthy and makes the muscles grow. It is also good for your nutrients as research has proven that more protein in a food satisfies your appetite. So when you eat deer meat, you would remain full for a long while.

What is the best fat to mix with deer meat?

Most people who make use of deer meat use it to make burgers, sausages, or steak. Any one of them that you intend to make, you would certainly be needing fats because your expectation would or might be a tasty and juicy burger, sausage, or steak.

The fats that can be added to deer meat can be pork-shoulder or belly, bacon and so on or you can make use of any fat you prefer that has at least 10-20%.


Should you put eggs in burgers?

This answer to this question depends on what you intend to use as a binder for your burgers or what you have available as a binder agent for your burgers.

You can make use of eggs in your burger if that is what you have available because eggs act as a binder agent for burgers plus the Michigan State University said that the higher the fat content added to the meat, the more the meat binds together while cooking.

How to add eggs to burgers

To bind your burgers, you have to make use of a binder to bind them and to prevent them from breaking down while cooking.

If after adding enough fats to your meat and you are not sure if it would bind together, you can make use of eggs as an alternative. As stated earlier, eggs can act as a binding agent for burgers, you can choose to add the full eggs or just the egg white.

Step 1

Put your meat into a bowl.

Step 2

Add the spices to the meat.

Step 3

Break the egg into the spiced meat and mix it before you start shaping it.

How many minutes should you cook your burger?

For burgers of medium size, cook one side for at least 3 or 4minutes and the other side for 5minutes.

Should I add water to my burger?

Yes, you should. To get a juicy burger, you should add water to your burger mixture. Two tablespoons of cold water added to a mixture of ground meat would add more juiciness to your burger.

Why does a restaurant burger taste better?

Restaurant burger tastes better because of how it is being made. Restaurants make use of fresh meat and finely ground meat to make their burgers, plus they also include enough fats to bind their burgers. They grind their meat twice and get a consistent result.  They also cook their burgers at low temperatures.

Why should you put a thumbprint in a burger?

To prevent your burger from bulging, you have to put a thumbprint at the centre of the patty – it helps it to cook well. It also helps it to maintain its shape instead of swelling while it is cooking.

What can I add to burger meat for flavour?

Flavour and juiciness are one of the best things to make you enjoy your burger. So the ingredients for you to add to your meat to have enough flavour would be listed below.

  • Onions.
  • Eggs.
  • Breadcrumbs.
  • Bacon.
  • Garlic.
  • Sauce.
  • Cheese.
  • Steak sauce.
  • Pepper.
  • Soy sauce.
  • Sour cream.
  • Herbs.
  • Mushrooms.

Why should I add breadcrumbs to the burger?

Another way to enjoy your burger is when it is crunchy. Typically, burgers do not have crunch in them so adding breadcrumbs to the burger would add a bit of crunch to it.

How do you keep burgers moist on the grill?

The way burgers can be kept moist on the grill is by making use of the right amount of fat and fresh meat. On this note, making use of ground chuck is the best meat to use for burgers.  Use at least 15-20% content of fats.

Should I grill burgers covered or uncovered?

It is advisable to grill your burgers uncovered. Covering the lid of your grills while grilling your burger could increase the temperature of the burger but when you are grilling steaks, you can cover the lids.

Should you mix the seasoning into burgers?

To make the best burger, do not add anything into the burger before shaping your meat into patties. Do not add salt or pepper or even put it into a bowl and add seasonings.

Is it cheaper to grind your meat?

Of course, it is cheaper to grind your meat yourself. When you grind your meat yourself, you would save yourself from more expenses and it would give you the assurance that you need about your fats and your meat.

Why Double Grind Meat – Conclusion

Double grinding your meat would give you the texture that you want, you should also grind your venison twice.

It is important to add fats to your meat or venison because it adds flavour and binds your burger after mixing it.

You can also make use of eggs as a binding agent for your burgers. I hope you take note of the points and I also hope that every step listed above works out for you. Kindly put down your questions, observations, or suggestions in the comment section. Cheers!!!