Is It Ok To Grind Coffee Beans The Night Before?

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Is It Ok To Grind Coffee Beans The Night Before? No, it’s not, coffee enthusiasts will be greatly offended if you served coffee that was grounded overnight.

Not only would it not taste as good as it ought to, but it would also lose so many qualities that you could have gotten from the freshly ground bean. Unless you absolutely need to, always grind your coffee not more than 20 minutes before you use it.

We will go through a few reasons why you should not grind your coffee overnight, and for posterity sake, a few “excuses” which are considerable to grind your coffee overnight.

Reasons why you should not grind your coffee overnight

It will become stale

When you grind your coffee overnight, and leave it out in the open, when oxygen gets in the coffee it becomes stale, this can also cause bacteria and fungi to begin to grow on the surface.

Not only will it taste bad, it may also cause food poisoning, but stale coffee can also become toxic if left unchecked for too long.

If you want to avoid your ground coffee from becoming stale, it’s best not to grind it overnight. Grind it in the morning if you need it.

Changes the coffee taste

If you grind your coffee for a particular blend of coffee, when you leave it overnight, it will inevitably change the taste of the blend you make when you eventually use it.

The oxidation of the ground coffee beans will cause the end product to taste different. This would be bad news if you run a cafè, serving your customers freshly ground coffee is the best way to go.

Lost in flavour and richness

It’s no secret that grinding coffee is the best way to get all the flavour from the coffee beans, the finer the grind the more flavour you get out of the coffee beans.

When you grind coffee and leave it overnight, you end up losing a lot of that flavour and richness which you usually get from a freshly ground batch.

The best way to maximize the flavour and richness of a good coffee bean is by brewing it after it’s freshly ground.

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Waste of quality coffee

Imagine purchasing a quality batch of coffee beans at a very expensive price and it ends up getting stale.

Not only would it be a waste of quality coffee as the richness will now be subpar, it would also be a waste of money whether you consider it to be or not.

Do not ruin a great quality coffee bean by grinding it overnight, always, and I can’t stress this enough, always grind your coffee 10-15 minutes before you use it.

Losses potency

When you leave ground coffee out overnight, it makes it lose its potency, for coffee that means the caffeine content will be less.

Most people drink morning coffee as an energy boost to carry them through the day, for a less potent coffee, it becomes pointless drinking it because it can’t provide the energy you need. You would just be drinking it for the taste, which may also be basic.

The downsides of grinding coffee beans overnight are way more than there are benefits, just avoid it altogether if you can.

Reasons to grind overnight

If you have no choice but to grind your coffee the night before, it has to be for any of these reasons, if not I suggest you avoid it completely.

If you have an ideal storage container

If you have an appropriate storage container that’s airtight, then you can maybe grind your coffee the night before.

Your coffee may still taste different, however, when you store it in an airtight container, it helps reduce the oxidation process, your ground coffee will not end up stale the next day.

There are several affordable containers in which you can store your coffee beans properly, like the Veken Coffee Canister.

A tight schedule

If you run a cafè and you do not have any help, or you just have a lot to do the next day. You can grind the coffee beans the night before to reduce your workload the next day, however, ensure you store it properly in an airtight container that’s ideal for food, don’t put it in a container that off-gasses and ends up poisoning your coffee.

When on a tight schedule, it’s best to compartmentalize and get every other task done the night before, that way you can make time to grind your coffee some minutes before you need to start brewing a fresh pot.

Borrowed coffee grinder

If you don’t own your own coffee grinder, and you’re borrowing the one that’s in your possession. It can be a valid reason to grind your coffee the night before since you may be returning the coffee grinder to the owner the next day.

However, there are other household devices which can be used to grind coffee, such as a blender, a grain mill or food processor, you can use any of those to get your freshly ground coffee in the morning.

Unless you actually like the taste

If you are weird or unique and you simply like the taste which stale and overnight coffee has, then you can knock yourself out. Grind your coffee the night before, leave it out in the open, do you.

No judgments, we all have what we are partial to, as long as it’s for you and you love the taste, you can totally let your coffee go stale.

Difference between Pre-ground store-bought coffee beans and home ground coffee beans

  • Pre-ground coffee beans which you buy at the store are usually infused with preservatives and artificial flavours to give the coffee a longer shelf life and flavour, while the home ground coffee beans are 100% natural, rich and flavorful.
  • Pre-ground coffee saves a lot of time when you want to brew a pot of coffee, if you’re grinding your own coffee beans, it may take a long time as well as cause a lot of noise (the coffee grinder). If you work a lot and don’t have time to grind coffee, the best option would be to get the store-bought kind, like the — Starbucks Breakfast Blend Medium Roast.
  • Pre-ground store-bought coffee is usually a little bit cheaper than the home ground coffee beans because the quality is usually lacking and if you factor in the price of your coffee grinder, it takes the expenditure over the top. However, it is absolutely worth it.
  • Home ground coffee typically goes stale way faster than the pre-ground store-bought beans, this is simply because of the added preservatives.

Other ways to grind coffee beans

Spice grinder

If you own one of these, you can use it to grind your coffee to the desired texture you need, some coffee grinders are also considered spice grinders.

Mini Blender

A small blender with sturdy blades will be enough to grind your coffee beans however you need them. Do not use a large blender to grind coffee beans, because it may end up clogging your blender.

Grain Mill

A grain mill by definition is used to grind grains, and since grains are similar in size and texture to coffee beans, it also means that you can use it to grind your coffee. The manual kind may be stressful to use due to the fact that it requires a lot of upper arm strength and whatnot.


Is it better to store coffee beans or ground?

It is absolutely better to store coffee beans as is. Do not even toast them, without toasting they can last up to a couple of years, as long as it is properly dry and stored.

When it’s roasted it can last up to a couple of months before becoming stale, and when it’s ground it may last at most a couple of hours before becoming stale. By that logic, It is more ideal to store your coffee as coffee beans than ground.

Can you grind cocoa beans with a coffee grinder?

As long as it’s properly dry, you can grind your cocoa beans with a coffee grinder. Cocoa beans and coffee beans are very similar in size and texture, they are also ground in similar textures and styles.

You roast them before you grind them, however, cocoa beans have husks which you have to peel after you’ve roasted them, the husks are very inedible and should not be ground with the beans.

What is the best container to store coffee beans?

The best container and literally the best way to store coffee beans is in an airtight barrel or container. The less air gets into your storage unit, the more the longevity of the coffee beans.

Air makes the coffee beans soften a lot, and will pose a problem while grinding the coffee grinder for use.

Do I have to roast coffee beans before grinding?

In order to elevate the coffee taste and maximize the flavour, you need to roast the coffee beans. It’s not compulsory however, you can also grind coffee beans without roasting if you want to brew a fresh batch.

Most popular coffee shops roast their coffee beans before grinding to give it a deeper depth of flavour and intensify the caffeine content.

When is the best time to grind coffee?

The best time to grind a fresh batch of coffee beans is 15 minutes or less before you need it. The fresher the ground coffee, the better it’s gonna taste after you brew it. Also, ensure you store your coffee beans in a cool environment where they can’t be affected by any form of moisture.

Also, store away from direct sunlight, so the oils in the coffee beans don’t begin to heat up and affect the texture of the coffee beans.

How long can coffee beans last?

Freshly ground coffee beans can last as long as 2 hours before becoming stale, and the longer it stays the staler it becomes, it doesn’t even matter how well you store it.

Freshly roasted coffee beans can last as long as 8 months in storage before becoming completely stale, however, in order for it to last that long you have to properly store it in an ideal environment to retain the longevity.

Finally, the best way to store coffee beans for it to last for years is the dried type, after you’ve removed the husk and impurities, all you have to do is find an ideal container and store it properly. It should last as long as 5 years.

Is a coffee grinder worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. It makes brewing fresh coffee every day really easy and very accessible to everyone. Although a coffee grinder can be substituted for other devices, there are some models which grind and brew the coffee beans all in one go.

If you like your daily morning coffee, it would be best to invest in a coffee grinder like that. An example of a coffee grinder that grinds and brews your coffee beans is the Cuisinart Automatic Coffee Grinder and Maker.

What is the best coffee blend for making espresso?

When making espresso, the coffee beans used are typically ground into a fine consistency in order to get maximum flavour out of the beans.

Most coffee grinders on the market are equipped with powerful electric motors and blades that are strong enough to get it to the desired texture, therefore you don’t need any special devices to grind the beans for espresso.

Is It Ok To Grind Coffee Beans The Night Before – Conclusion

The best way to enjoy quality coffee is by brewing a freshly ground batch, the minute you finish grinding it, the roasted coffee beans of course. It is not ok to grind coffee the night before because you lose a lot of the flavour by doing so, even if you store it properly in an airtight container.

Ground coffee just does not taste the same if it has stayed overnight, in order not to waste money and a quality batch of coffee beans, never grind it the night before. Stay healthy, drink flavorful coffee.