Will Starbucks Grind Coffee From Costco?

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Will Starbucks Grind Coffee From Costco? Starbucks has a lot of good quality coffee bean grinders in all of their established coffee shops all around the world; it counts up to 30,000+. So yes, they will grind coffee you got from Costco for you, but on the grounds that it is a Starbucks branded coffee.

Costco is a highly reputable company having so many stores all around the world too. They are known for the quality of products they sell.

They get in touch with the best if the bests (including Starbucks) and as a result, always acquire the best that a product could ever have.

They have four grind settings which they offer; the Coffee Press, Pour Over, Coffee Brewer, and Espresso. They can grind coffee for free if it was bought from them but will charge you some coin if the coffee bean is not their brand which would make you a person of super luck.

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Reasons why Starbucks will grind coffee beans from Costco or any other stores

Starbucks only grinds your coffee if it was branded by them. So, for them to grind your coffee for you, certain criteria must be met too, even if the coffee beans were branded by Starbucks. These are mentioned here.

The coffee beans bag must be sealed

One of the reasons why Starbucks will not grind your coffee beans is if your coffee bag is already open. This is because it has been exposed to air and is liable to contamination.

If coffee beans are contaminated, it may cause or give an inferior product at the end of the grinding process. Also, oxygen is more like the enemy of coffee beans.

It must not be expired

You can’t grind your coffee beans at Starbucks if it is already expired. This is because expired coffee beans may contaminate the grinder by letting out oil into it.

Therefore, before they may grind your coffee beans for you, they must check for the expiry date. If your coffee beans are close to expiry, let’s say a month, two or one week, they may not grind it for you too.

It must be a Starbucks original product

You would agree with me that there have been a lot of fake products for high-selling products lying in stores. People are so smart that they can forge a product’s original branding and put them out for sales with lower quality content.

When you purchase fake branded Starbucks coffee beans from maybe a local store and confidently take it for a free grind at Starbucks. Be lucky enough that they don’t notice the fairness as this may implicate you also.

Starbucks will completely trust the originality of coffee beans from Costco and wouldn’t bother to check for fakeness for the fact that Costco is also a big company with a reputation that they don’t intend to dent.

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Reasons Why Starbucks doesn’t Grind Other Branded Coffee

To people, this might seem like a scheme put up by Starbucks to inflate and maintain sales of Starbucks branded coffees but there is a strong reason for this decision as made by Starbucks.

No quality assurance

They already have a reputation for good quality products. So before they may accept to grind your coffee, they have to be sure it’s good quality. This is because one can buy coffee beans from a thousand sources.

These sources vary in their qualities. If for instance, you buy a bag of coffee beans from a local store, take it to Starbucks and they grind it for you, not checking whether or not it was expired or properly sealed.

They are not just going to put their grinders on a spot prone to damage but will also give you a low-budget quality coffee. And then, you will blame them for giving you a bad grind.

Letting this ruin what has been built over the years is not a mistake that Starbucks are ready to make at this point. That means that they would prevent it rather than finding a cure when the deed is done.

Possible damage to their Grinders and financial implications

This is because, when a bad(let’s say expired or contaminated coffee beans) is being grounded, it leaves the grinder susceptible to damage without repair, which will cost them money to replace.

Now, your coffee was grounded for a little token, not enough to buy a blender but your coffee has damaged the blender. They may not know whose coffee particularly had caused the damage.

So they wouldn’t want to undergo the stress of trying to figure out one person’s fault from amongst let’s say, a thousand for that day.

It will be time-wasting, exhausting, and probably a waste of effort and maybe resources in the end. This implies that they would rather just buy a new grinder or set of grinders.

Now when your coffee damages a grinder, it does not just cause physical damage but incurs some financial implications too. It will stop the use of that grinder, and therefore, restricting financial inflow from that grinder.

This may also result in delay, causing bad customer satisfaction. To ensure that this is not a problem, Starbucks would rather not grind your coffee beans.

Good Coffee making

There are a lot of things to consider when making a good coffee. Things like the bean type, roasting process, grinding process and the brewing process.

As a reputable company, Starbucks always considers all of these to ensure they give out the best of quality as they have always done.

That is to say that any of these steps must be met and treated with caution and expertise. In essence, any carelessness would result in the production of lesser quality.

This is because, without proper consideration, consumers will eventually blame Starbucks for not being able to deliver a good grind, without trying to figure out the possible causes of the bad coffee.


What coffee grinder does Starbucks use?

Mastrena is the machine Starbucks uses. A Swiss company called Thermoplan AG specifically designed this brand for them. It was developed with customized specifics to meet the grinding process and production of the best quality coffee.

Where can I grind my coffee?

You can grind your coffee beans in any Starbucks coffee shops, at Costco, Walmart, local coffee shops or at a coffee grinder.

Can I grind my coffee beans In a blender?

Yes, you can but in a careful and gentle way. First, you toss a small number of coffee beans into your blender and blend at medium speed to break them down to the perfect grind that you may prefer or desire.

Which is cheaper, coffee beans or ground coffee?

Whole bean coffee is usually more expensive than ground coffee. This is because it is better. And also, whole bean coffees are a product of better crops that were more recently roasted than ground coffees.

In other words, coffee beans make a whole lot of better coffee and therefore, it gives you the value for your money.

How much does Starbucks mastrena cost?

The first thing to note before the price is that, it is not a common product to get and it is not sold to just anybody. You may get a second hand of an original one for like $5000 to $6000. Be wary of scammers though.

But if you want a brand new, you can get one at Starbucks for the cost of $18000. This again is not available for just anybody.

Does a coffee grinder make a difference?

Yes, it does. It could change your whole coffee experience. It can make your coffee tastier with good flavors. You can also determine how much flavor and strength your coffee will have.

If you are lucky enough, you might even stand the chance to rival your favorite coffee shop with the amazing taste that you might create. This implies that a coffee grinder could actually do so much.

Get yourself a quality coffee grinder to grind your own coffee beans like the Mueller SuperGrind Burr Coffee Grinder.

How long should you grind coffee beans?

You could use a few seconds of between 8 to 10 for a coarse grind. You could try using a short burst of 10 to 15 seconds for a medium grind. And to achieve a smooth or very fine grind, it may take you a little more addition of time.

Will Starbucks Grind Coffee From Costco – Conclusion

As much as Starbucks may try to please or satisfy their customers however it may be, they are too conscious of their reputation and never plan on bailing on it any time soon. Their reputation and production of good quality coffee is prior to their existence.

If you want to buy coffee beans from Costco, make sure it was branded by Starbucks and even though it was, be sure to check the expiry dates and the sealing. It must be properly sealed or they won’t grind it for you.

Remember that when it’s not Starbucks’ branded, it will cost you some cash to grind at any local store around that may have grinders, which they often do. So don’t be stuck with a non-Starbucks coffee and think there is no way you can grind it.