Does Safeway Have A Coffee Grinder?

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Does Safeway Have A Coffee Grinder? Safeway is a renowned and well-known grocery store that features the sales of basically as many quality products you may want or need, especially coffee beans. Safeway used to have coffee grinders but due to reasons best known to the management, they stopped having one for public service.

Although, they have an affiliation with Boyer’s coffee grind. This means that you can take your bag of coffee beans to them if they are at any Safeway stores around you for a grind.

I suspect it’s the change of ownership and management strategy over the years that has prompted this. However, you can safely invest in a personal coffee grinder and save you a lot of stress and disappointments.

This is because Safeway has been recently known for how expensive its products and services have become.

Reasons why Safeway is so expensive and don’t have coffee grinders for public service anymore

Despite the discounts and coupons that Safeway have been offering to their customers over the years, shoppers have found Safeway to be rather expensive than being pocket friendly.

Even Walmart that has all the produce and groceries that Safeway has, is 16% less expensive than Safeway. Here are a few reasons why this is so and especially in 2022.

Unionized ownership

The Safeway company was founded by an individual Mormon known as Marion Barton Skaggs in 1915 but is now owned by a union of people.

This means that the profits this company makes is divided amongst all of its owners. To make more profits, they need to have high price tags for their products.

This is because they employ and pay a lot of employees, cater for and provide them with employee benefits and also pay union dues and taxes, and then the remaining profit is what the owners share amongst themselves.

No one goes into business without the intention to make a profit, so this would just not make sense if Safeway products are on the same price tag with individually owned stores.

Maintenance of coffee grinders

If you have coffee grinders to serve your customers, you must first of all employ workers to fill in that department and then maintain all that happens in and around the grinders.

This will mean extra cost of maintenance and maybe loss of customers for the company as they might be forced to inflate their grinding fee or reflect it on the sales of their coffee beans.

High-quality service and neat environment

There’s a high level of customer service policy by Safeway that provides you with basically all that will keep you coming

back to shop with them.

From the smiling faces of the workers to their attentiveness, attendance, smartness, neatness and discipline of speech and use of words.

I believe you can agree with me that Safeway has never been caught un-fresh before. This is because they have a strong policy on the cleanliness and employ experts that can keep the place always sparkling. They understand that a clean environment attracts people and adds value to a place.

Now, if they were to have coffee grinders in such a beautiful environment where people troop in for their shopping needs often, it would lead to noisiness for one because people will want to grind the coffee beans they buy from the shops in the shops.

The grinding would cause noise pollution and also, send out smells that can be unpleasant to some customers.

Grinding would also permit the littering of ground coffee around as much as leaving powder residues from the coffee beans laying around. Thereby making the place dirty to the eyes and might send customers away.

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No price match

The Safeway company doesn’t offer a price match for their products. The prices in their produce, household items, groceries and other products are left static unlike other grocery stores like Save on foods and No Frills.

This means that I’d you desire a discount in any of the products they sell and you must purchase it from them, then you must be patient enough to wait for a sale on that item or until maybe they are offering coupons. Otherwise, you may just need to go to another store.

If the prices for products are already high and often static, it means running a coffee grinding would also make it expensive and people won’t really want to subject their financial management to such jeopardy you know. And now, it will reflect the loss of customers for the company.

There is no “U” program for some states

In countries like Canada, there is no Just for U program as initiated in other states of the US. This makes products and groceries in Safeway shops for these kinds of countries very expensive.

The U program is a rewards program of lower prices, coupons and discounts for items that Safeway stores offer their customers. Any country where this program has not been initiated leaves the price of groceries and other products high for the shoppers.

This means that if they have coffee grinders in these countries, it will cost their customers more expense and loss of interest because they’ll need to inflate the already high prices of products a little to cover for the grind if you buy coffee beans from them.

Sales flow and discounts

The high price tags for Safeway products have not significantly had any influence or caused a hitch in their sales flow. It has been smooth and hitch-free. This makes the retention of high price tags for Safeway groceries a continuous idea.

The management would also not want to jeopardize this by trying to make some more money from running a coffee grind department.

They run Starbucks kiosk

Running a Starbucks kiosk outside the involvement of the Starbucks company can be so expensive due to the quality and high price of maintenance their kind of products require. This means extra charges on Safeway.

Also, to have a coffee grinder would also require that you employ workers to fill that department and you will have to grind any coffee beans that have been branded or purchased from the Starbucks owned stores for free because that’s the Starbucks policy.

That would mean, no interest earned from Starbucks sales but a free grind for the products and this so obviously not good for business.

So they rather not have a coffee grinder anymore than earn just little from it and spend so much settling employee’s wages despite the low revenue the coffee grinder department may generate.


Can I grind coffee beans at supermarkets?

Yes, you can. Supermarkets like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s have grinders available to serve you If and only if you don’t have a grinder at home and you must have bought the coffee beans from their stores.

They are quite particular about where you buy the coffee beans from though. And so are coffee Chains like Starbucks or Philz coffee. They can wholeheartedly agree to grind your coffee beans for you once you purchase it from them.

What can I use if I don’t have coffee grinders?

You can grind your coffee beans by hand using a hammer, a mortar and pestle, hand mincer or rolling pin.

You can use any of these methods to get a smooth fine or coarse grind that you may desire. If you choose or decide not to Grind by hand you can either use a food processor or blender to grind your coffee beans.

What is Safeway called in Texas?

A division of Safeway in Texas is Randall’s Food Markets. It is legally recognized and called Randall’s Food and drugs.

Is Safeway in the UK?

Until 2004 when Safeway was acquired by Morrisons and further rebranded, it featured in the list of London stock exchanges and was also part of the FTSE 100 index.

Safeway had a total of 479 shops and while most of them were rebranded by Morrisons, some others were being sold off too.

As a result of this, the brand eventually lost its presence and significance in the United Kingdom on the 24th of November 2005. However, after so many years has passed, Safeway decides to return to running British shops.

Is Safeway owned by Kroger?

No, it’s not. Both stores are owned by two different companies. Kroger is a company independent of itself while Safeway is owned by Cerberus Capital management. In 1915, Safeway was founded by a Mormon known with the name Marion Barton Skaggs.

Why is it called Safeway?

Safeway is actually a shortened form of a longer slogan that reads “Drive the Safeway, buy the Safeway”. This was used to symbolize a no credit policy of the company. “Buy the Safeway” means you shouldn’t buy on credit or get into debt.

This implies that you should do things within the safety of your financial ability, and also a symbol of ‘we can’t help you if you don’t have money, so please come with some as payment validates your order’.

Does Safeway Have A Coffee Grinder – Conclusion

Safeway was established and dates back to 1915. Needless to say that other grocery stores have also been established just before and after it and also for the fact it sold most of its shops in some parts of the world like the UK, it still tops contemporary established stores.

This company has made more sales despite the fact that it is more expensive than the others (even more expensive than Walmart that tops it). If you buy a bag of coffee beans from the Safeway stores, you can simply take them to any Boyer’s coffee grind at Safeway stores around you and grind them with ease.

However, it is owned and managed by a union of groups and that is one of the major reasons their products are quite very and more expensive than other stores. If you consider the high rate of wages, employee benefits and the payment of union dues and taxes, you’ll see why they are so expensive too.