5 Hidden Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Problems & Solutions

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The beauty of any electrical appliance such as Kitchenaid meat grinder is when it functions optimally. Just like any other appliances, it is likely they develop faults or malfunctions anytime without prior notice.

Being in such a situation is usually stressful, especially when you need the grinder for urgent purposes. In this article, we will discuss some of the likely problems of the Kitchenaid grinder, the causes, and how you can fix it. 

Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Problems

When used properly, it is unlikely that you encounter any problem with a KitchenAid meat grinder. However, when it happens, you can fix it yourself or seek help. Read on for some of the problems of a KitchenAid meat grinder. 

1. Meat discoloration

Though unlikely, it is, however, possible that the meat changes color when you use the Kitchenaid grinder. This is likely caused by a scratched plate, or a plate that is not properly fixed, dirty steel blades, or other loose ends in the grinder. When this happens, do not panic, as it can be resolved with a few DIY methods. 

Now that you have known the possible causes of meat discoloration, let us discuss the possible solutions. Highlighted below are some of the solutions to meat discoloration caused by the Kitchenaid grinder.

Fix properly

Check the cap and ensure that it is properly tightened to the plate, the plate tightened to the blade. Also, ensure that the blade is properly tightened to the back of the grinder. 

Clean the plates

If you are sure that there is no loose end in the grinder, you should get rid of any form of dirt in the grinder. You can use sandpaper, either wet or dry on the plate.

You should apply it in a circular motion. This will not only clean the plates but will also sharpen the edges of the holes on the plate. Nevertheless, if you are using a steel blade, you can get rid of all scratches on it or opt for the stainless blade. 

Use lubricant on the cutter and the blade

Being an appliance that you use for food items, you should be careful of the type of lubricant that you will use.

You can apply oil lubricant on the cutter and the plate once or twice a week if you use the grinder often. You should use a food-grade lubricant. Using vegetable oil as a lubricant could make the grinder become sticky over time.

2. Difficulty in passing out the meat at the end of the plate

At times when you grind and you notice that the meat is not going out at the end of the plate, or it goes out slowly, something is wrong at the other end. In a more technical term, this could also be referred to as clogging.

This type of problem could arise either from the grinder or the meat. At times, it is caused when the blade is not at the right end or the nature of the meat you are grinding; mostly fatty or defrosted meats. The following are some of the ways you can fix it. 

Check properly

You should first remove the meat in the grinder, make an effort to clear the residual, and grind again. If the problem persists, you should check the blade at the end of the grinder and ensure that it is in the right position. If not, reposition it and fix it properly. 

Clean the plate

When you use the grinder often, the blade and plates will likely become less lubricated because of the meat.

You can use vegetable oil or any food grade lubricant to clean the blades and plates once you remove the meat before you grind again. 

Return the meat to the freezer

It is usually easier when you grind frozen meat. Anytime you notice clogging, you should turn off the grinder, clear the meat, put it in a container, and return it to the freezer.

Once it is frozen, you can then grind again. However, make sure you lubricate the grinder before you put the meat in again.

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3. Sudden stop after a loud sound

Except you are using the grinder for the first time, you should be familiar with the sound of the grinder. At times, the grinder could stop working when there is a change in motor sound.

This usually occurs when the front ring is too tight or a technical fault. The following are some of the ways you can troubleshoot.

Check the front ring

During the last routine maintenance, you might have strongly tightened the front ring. When the grinder produces a loud sound, you should check the front ring, loosen it a bit if it is too tight. 

Turn it off

Before the grinder stops working after making a loud sound, you should first turn it off so that you won’t aggravate the issue.

You can turn it on after you have checked the front ring and everything is in order. If the problem persists, turn it off again. 

Seek help

After trying the steps highlighted above and the loud noise continues, you should seek assistance from a professional technician.

Do not attempt to do it yourself so that you won’t damage the grinder further. You can claim a warranty if it is still valid. 

4. Meat grinding attachment not working

You know Kitchenaid grinder comes with different attachments that serve different purposes. There are times the meat grinding attachment won’t work.

This usually happens when the grinder is engaged. The following are some of the things you can do to troubleshoot

Check the grinder

You should first turn off the grinder and check for possible engagement. Look into the hole and check the square hole inside. You can then turn on the grinder and see if the hole spins. If it doesn’t, then turn it off again. 

Seek help

Once you try to troubleshoot with the step highlighted above and the problem persists, it could mean that one of the gears is damaged.

To repair this, you will need to take the head apart. If you can’t do this yourself, you should seek help from a professional. 

5. Unable to turn on

This is a popular problem with Kitchenaid grinder, especially if you are in a hurry. This type of problem mostly arises either from the electric outlet or the cord of the grinder. When this happens, you can troubleshoot with the following steps. 

Plug properly

Check the outlet and see if it is working. If it is, you should attempt to plug the grinder properly. You can also plug it into another outlet and see if it will start working. It is recommended that you plug it directly into a wall outlet. 

Check plug and pongs

If plugged properly and the problem persists, you should check the cord for any potential damage or opening. You can seek help from a professional technician if you can’t fix it yourself. 

Safety precautions with Kitchenaid meat grinder

Just like other appliances, you need to exercise precautions to avert danger. The following are some important safety precautions. 

Avoid water

The use of electrical appliances in damp areas or where water could easily come in contact with it could cause electric shock. Keep the grinder dry always, use it when it is dry, and keep it in dry locations. 

Do not leave it inside electric outlet

Once you are through with using the grinder, unplug it immediately. You are not only saving yourself from high electricity bills, but you are also averting fire disaster needs that could happen as a result of overheating. 

Use only recommended attachment

The KitchenAid grinder comes with different attachments that serve different purposes. If you want to use the grinder, use the recommended attachments only with it. This will potentially avert danger and increase the lifespan of the appliance. 

Avoid using hand

Irrespective of your schedule, do not use your hand to remove meat while the grinder is still working. You know the danger, right? If you are tempted to use your hand, turn off the grinder and unplug it before you use your hand. . 

Indoor use only

The Kitchenaid grinder is designed for household use only. Do not use it for an outdoor event or any other item that is not specified by the manufacturer. The grinder could cause a fire disaster when you use it for other purposes. You should read the manual for further instruction. 

Keep away from children

You know little children play with anything around them. Keep Kitchenaid grinder in a location where children or pets won’t have access to it. When you do this, you are protecting members of your family and potentially increasing the lifespan of the grinder. 

Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Problems – Conclusion

It is unlikely that you experience any problem with the Kitchenaid grinder if you use it properly. Nevertheless, some of its popular problems have been highlighted in this article and how you can troubleshoot it yourself at home.

If you are unable to fix the problem, you should seek help from professionals. Moreover, you must exercise safety precautions when you use the grinder.