5 Hidden Breville Barista Touch Problems & Solutions

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Though Breville barista touch is generally regarded as powerful and efficient, it could, however, give problems when you least expect it. This is evident in the number of reviews about the barista online by frustrated users.

At times, these problems could be a result of technical error or human error.  You should worry less when your Breville barista develops any problem as you can fix it with DIY methods. Read on for more information

Breville Barista Touch Problems

When your Breville barista develops a problem, it does not necessarily mean that the barista is damaged.

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The good news is that you can fix it yourself without the help of any professional technician. Check out this article for some of the day-to-day problems of Breville baristas and what you can do to resolve them seamlessly.

1. Breville barista touch does not dispense water

You know the importance of water when you want to make coffee. It is usually worrisome when you want to make a coffee and the barista doesn’t dispense water or there is no hot water.

When such happens, do not panic. It could be that the tank is empty, the machine needs descaling due to hard water build-up, there is a mistake in the way you insert the tank, and too much coffee in the basket, or the filter is clogged.

You can troubleshoot the inability of the Breville barista to dispense water with any of the following steps.

Refill the tank

When your Breville barista refuses to dispense water, you should check the water tank. If there is no water in it or the level of the water is low, you should refill the tank and attempt to make coffee again.

Lock water tank in place

If there is water in the tank and the barista refuses to dispense water, it could be the position of the tank. You can slowly push down the water tank until it is locked in the right place.


If you have tried the steps highlighted and the problem persists, you can also troubleshoot by descaling the machine.

Before you do this, you should get a descaling solution, empty the water tank, get fresh water into the tank and add the descaling solution as instructed. Afterward, go to settings, select descaling, and follow the instructions.

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2. Lack of crema

Though unlikely, it is, however, possible when the pre-ground coffee isn’t fresh or it is grounded too coarsely, the filter basket blocked, or you are making use of a single filter basket for the pre-ground coffee.

When this happens, you might not like the look of the coffee. The following are some of the ways you can fix it.

Use fresh coffee

If possible, make sure you use only fresh coffee beans. Nevertheless, you must finish it within two weeks.

Moreover, in a situation where you are using pre-ground coffee, make sure you finish it within a week. Alternatively, you can adjust the finer grind of the machine.

Unlock the filter basket

If the blockage of the filter basket is the reason that your coffee does not have cream, you should unblock it with the pin at the end of the unblock tool.

Nevertheless, if the problem persists, you should clean the filter basket. All you need to do is to get a reasonable quantity of hot water, then dissolve the cleaning tablet in it. Afterward, soak the filter basket and the portafilter in the solution for a minimum duration of twenty minutes.

Use dual-wall filter basket

If the coffee still lacks crema after you have tried the steps highlighted above, especially when you are dealing with pre-ground coffee, you should make use of the dual-wall filter basket.

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3. The machine leaking water

This is a common problem with most barista machines and the Breville barista touch is not an exemption.

The machine could begin to leak water into the drip tray immediately after espresso and steam function.

Moreover, it could also leak water when the water tank is not fully locked in the right position or there is a need for you to replace the silicone seal that surrounds the shower screen. You can troubleshoot this problem with the following methods.

Lock water tank in place

When the machine leaks water and you do not find the source, you should push down the water tank completely until it is locked in place. You should then check again for any other sign of water leakage.

Empty the drip tray

You should always monitor the indicator for any signal or instruction. When it displays empty me, you should push down the drip tray and empty it as soon as you can.

4. Coffee is not hot the way you wanted it

There is a feeling of satisfaction when you want to drink hot coffee and the machine could produce it for you the way you want.

When the Breville barista refuses to make hot coffee the way you wanted it, this could happen because you failed to preheat the cup, the portafilter, or you need to adjust the water temperature. Below are some of the things you can do to fix it.

Rinse cup with hot water

Before you use the cup to take hot coffee, you should first rinse the cup under the warm-water outlet. Afterward, you should place the cup on the warming tray.  Moreover, you should also rinse the portafilter under a hot water outlet. Afterward, dry it thoroughly before you use it.

Adjust temperature

If you are unable to resolve the problem after trying the method above, you should adjust the brew temperature.

All you need to do is to go to settings, then the menu, and select the temperature. You should get the desired hot coffee after this.

5. The machine makes a loud noise

The Breville barista touch likely makes noise when the water doesn’t come through it. Lack of water in the tank or when it is below the minimum level could be responsible for this.

Moreover, an error in the purging setting could also cause it. You can easily fix this with the steps highlighted below.

Refill the tank

It has been stated earlier that the main thing that could make the machine make loud noises when water does not flow through it is when the water level is low.

You should refill the water tank with water, then repeat the process. The noise should stop immediately since there is water in the tank.

Reset the machine

The machine should stop making noise once you have filled the water tank with water and you are sure that the tank is in the right position.

Nevertheless, if the problem persists, you should reset the machine. All you need to do is to go to settings, then click on factory reset. Put everything in place after you have done this and see if the machine will make noise again.

Safety precautions of Breville barista touch

You should exercise some safety precautions when handling the Breville barista touch. The following are some of the tips you can follow.

Do not open the brew chamber

Once the machine is in use, it is recommended that you do not open the brew chamber to avoid injury and other dangers. Moreover, make sure you only operate the machine in an open place.

Check the power cord before use

Plugging a damaged power cord into an electric outlet can cause electric shock or fire disaster. Make sure you always check the power cord before you use the machine and do not use the machine when the power cord or plug is damaged.

Unplug when it is not in use

Unplug the machine from the electric outlet when it is not in use and before you clean it. To keep the power safe, do leave it on the table or any other locations where children or pets could play with it.

Follow the recommended mode of use

The Breville barista touch is recommended for indoor use only. Do not use it outdoors, on a moving vehicle, or boat. Doing this will avert potential danger and increase the lifespan of the machine. Also, make sure you monitor the machine closely anytime you are using it where there are little children.

Use in a safe location

The location where you use the machine could also determine if there is an impending danger. For instance, do not use the Breville barista touch near an electric burner, hot gas, or heated oven.

Allow to cool down

In a situation where you want to clean the machine after use or take off its parts, you should allow it to cool down before you do it. However, make sure the machine is turned off and removed from the electric outlet before you start cleaning at all.

Use in a dry place

To avert danger, do not use the machine in a damp location or submerge the machine, the power cord, or plug in water.

Breville Barista Touch Problems – Conclusion

You shouldn’t experience any problem with the Breville barista touch if you could read and follow the user’s manual. Nevertheless, you can troubleshoot the machine easily with any of the steps highlighted in this guide.