Best Air Fryer Microwaves for 2023

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When you’re purchasing an asset for your kitchen, you should always maximize the most of what you get. Going for an air fryer and a microwave combo is one of the valuable decisions that can add convenience and better health. Buying them as a combo also lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. 

The best air fryer microwave is COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo which is affordable, versatile, equipped with necessary accessories, technology-enabled, and perfect for a medium-sized family. 

In this article, let’s look at various choices of the best air fryer microwave available in the market.

Best Air Fryer Microwave: Overall 

The COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo is probably the best air fryer microwave on the market. We’re pretty overwhelmed with what this combo offers and the level of technological advancement in it. The microwave comes in three packages, and prices vary according to the features selected. 

It’s a 30-liter air fryer microwave that rapidly lowers the cooking time with its convection operation. With this air fryer, it’s possible to reduce oil consumption by up to 85%, which is a massive record. 

If you’re a starter to this combo, you can kickstart with 100 original recipes that are offered as an add-on. What amused us was the ability of this equipment to connect to a WiFi network and also work based on the instructions from Alexa. 


Uses: There’s no end to how well you can use this combo to fill your appetite. 

Size: This size can usually fit medium to large-sized families. Perhaps, if you’re throwing a party, connect it to Alexa and let them get the job done. 

Taste: The combo doesn’t compromise the taste. While it lets you cook a wide range of recipes, there’s no quality issue experienced so far. 

Value for money: This air fryer microwave combo does what it promises, and it has gained the customer’s satisfaction over the years. 


Maintenance: It can be quite messy to clean for beginners. With time, it gets easier and better. 

Best Air Fryer Microwave: High-End

Most of us would prefer making a one-time investment, so we don’t have to worry about the equipment later. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is the perfect option for anyone looking for a one-time investment. 

The smart oven system lowers the cooking time by 30% and also offers features like air frying and dehydrating ingredients. This also holds large volumes of ingredients, and the heat distribution, irrespective of the capacity, is incredible. Made of steel, Breville’s smart oven comes with various accessories to simplify the cooking process. 


Capacity: This smart oven air fryer pro is designed to fit extra large capacities. As a result, you can also use it to throw parties or manage orders at small restaurants. 

Beginner-friendly: There’s little to no learning curve when you purchase this combo, and it has the right set of functions and accessories to start the work. 

Performance: As a versatile oven, the temperature control is incredible, and it performs the function (dehydration/air frying/heating) just as requested. 


Cost: This combo is slightly pricey compared to other models. However, it’s durable and can fit a wide range of needs. 

Best Air Fryer Microwave: Affordable

If you’re looking for an affordable and multifunctional air fryer microwave, the Instant Vortex Plus 6-Quart Air Fryer Oven is the one for you. The air fryer microwave is overloaded with programmable functions that can be operated with quick touches. Most importantly, it works on the EvenCrisp Technology that focuses on producing the perfect golden finish each time. 

With other smart programs, fast preheating ability, and versatility, the brand has also customized its styles to suit customers with various needs. As a result, you can choose the one you want and never get disappointed. 


Size: This is the most compact air fryer microwave you can find in the market. With the ability to make over 100 recipes, you can also carry it with a little effort.

Quality: From the appliance’s quality to the outcome of this appliance, the quality has never been a disappointment. Further, it works great for various cuisines, making it the best in town. 

Programmable: With a few taps, you can order the appliance to make that perfect dish for you. The touch panel is easy to read and has a sleek design.  


Audience: This is apt for bachelors and small families. If you’re looking for a model that can suit your mid-sized family or other purposes, this isn’t the one. 

Final Thoughts

Talking about the best air fryer microwave, you should always look for attributes like functions, durability, design, size, and price to finalize the one for you. We’ve offered a host of options based on our experiences. 

Based on your family’s size, frequency of use, and type of cuisine, you can choose the perfect air fryer microwave for you.