Can You Grind Meat After It’s Cooked?

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Meat grinding has become so rampant in cooking all sorts of delicacies. It has this uniqueness it gives to any meal. For some, adding shredded meats in meals is better than the actual eating of whole meat. It doesn’t necessarily matter which you find desirable. What matters is the end product and what you stand to gain from it.

So can you grind meat after it’s cooked? the answer is big YES. There’s absolutely no harm in grinding cooked meat with a grinder. However, it is important to note that not all grinders can be used in grinding cooked meat. So before you proceed, ensure you’re using the right grinder for it. Truth is, you’ll need to follow a few steps before you begin grinding the cooked meat.

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Steps You’ll Need To Take To Ground Cooked Meat

Step 1

Get the meat grinder (such as LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder) and every other thing ready. Clean and put them in place ready to be used.

Step 2

Get a chopping board and a knife. Chop the cooked meat into cubes. Endeavour to take out the bones.

Step 3

Place part of the chopped pieces of cooked meat into the grinder, then grind.

Step 4

The instant you take away the grounded meats, pour the rest of the chopped pieces of meat into the grinder and repeat the same process in step 3.

Please Note: You possibly can’t place the entire batches of chopped meat into the grinder at once. It could either affect the grinder from working properly or get it spoilt in a few minutes.

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Can You Grind Cooked Turkey With A Food Processor?

Yes, you can grind cooked turkey with a food processor. Just as one can use a particular grinder to grind cooked meat, in the same way, can a food processor (such as Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY) be used to ground turkey.

As mentioned above, the same steps apply here. You don’t have to get all worked up about it because it doesn’t necessarily consume as much time as you think it does. Not so much of your time actually.

Step 1

Get your knife set and your chopping board ready along with your food processor

Step 2

Cut the turkey into tiny cubes and take away the bones. If the bones are left, they can ruin the blades of your food processor.

Step 3

Place the chopped pieces of cooked turkey into the food processor batch by batch till you’re done grinding the cooked turkey. You may need to add a little bit of water as the case may be.

Can You Grind Cooked Beef In A Food Processor?

Yes, one can grind cooked beef in a food processor. If you can’t get a hold of a grinder, you can use the food processor as a substitute for the grinder.

Step 1

As usual, you’ll have to set up the food processor, your chopping board and a knife ready.

Step 2

Cut the beef into tiny cubes such that it becomes easier for the food processor to grind them.

Step 3

Place the chopped cubes of the beef into the food processor and blend. Don’t blend all but place them into it batch by batch. You may need to repeat the blending process twice to get your desired result.

Can You Grind Cooked Bone In A Meat Grinder?

The answer is No. You can’t use a meat grinder to grind cooked bones. The meat grinder is manufactured in a way that allows only raw bones to go into them. As we all know, when a bone is cooked, it becomes extremely difficult for a grinder to be able to grind it successfully. At such, It’s advisable to grind them raw and not when cooked. If you want to grind raw bones effortlessly, then you should get this LEM Products Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder from Amazon.

How Do You Grind Cooked Chicken?

To grind a cooked chicken, you’ll be needing a food processor for this. Cooked chicken do not work best with a meat grinder but do so with a food processor.

Step 1

If you’re to grind a cooked chicken, you’ll have to cook the chicken until it is soft. When a chicken isn’t soft, one finds it so hard to shred. It also becomes extremely hard for a food processor to grind the cooked chicken.

Step 2

Leave to cool for some time. Here, you’ll have to let it cool off for a little while. The thing is, you don’t let it cool off totally. This is because if you’re to leave it to cool off completely, it becomes difficult for you to shred the chicken.

Step 3

You’re to shred the chicken either with your hand, a fork or with a mixer. First, by hand, we are referring to taking out the bones in the chicken and using your hands to shred it bit by bit till you’ve shredded the quantity of chicken you want to grind with the food processor.

Second, by mixer, we meant placing the chicken into the mixer to shred. Well, I’d advise you don’t place the chicken directly into the mixer. Get the chicken bones out first, then shred a little if you wish or you can just place the entire chicken into the mixer after removing the bones.

Third, using a hand fork to shred chicken is the last method we’ll be looking at. If you can’t use your hand, a mixer, you can simply use a fork to shred the chicken into tiny little chunks. Hold the chicken in one hand, and hold the fork in another. Then gently use the fork to pluck off the chicken till you eventually get it done.  Apply caution so you don’t get to inflict injuries on yourself.

Lastly, you place all the shredded chicken into the food processor to grind. Please grind for a while and pause. Then you continue with it again till the food processor is done grinding the chicken to your satisfaction. If peradventure you notice you’re having issues with it, you can simply add little water into it, to get a finer texture.

Can You Grind Meat After It’s Cooked – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Grinding Cooked Meat?

Whatever has an advantage, also comes with a disadvantage. Grinding of cooked meat has both pros and cons which mustn’t be ignored.

So what are some of the pros of grinding cooked meat?

  • Grounded meats can be used in different delicacies. You can use them in preparing a meal or sprinkling them on dishes
  • Grounded meat can also be used in the dressing of salads. Imagine having chunks of meat in your salad. The taste it’s gonna give to the salad would be awesome.
  • Grounded cooked meat becomes easier for children to chew properly
  • One advantage of a ground cooked meat is, it gives a fine texture to the meat when preparing some specialty.
  • When you grind your own cooked meat, you are in control of the texture and quantity of the kind of meat you want unlike buying from a mall.

Cons Of Grinding Cooked Meat

  • Meat that has been shredded and grounded certainly must have lost a lot of nutrients
  • One con of the grounded cooked meat is that the meat may become so soft for whatever purpose you intend using the grounded meat for.
  • Grinding of cooked meat may turn out to be something really different due to difficulties that may emanate from the grinding process
  • One other disadvantage of grinding cooked meat is that some end up becoming tasteless
  • Grounded meat can be stressful. Having to shred or cut into chunks before grinding takes a while to be able to achieve this.
  • Grinding cooked meat may stress the grinder’s plates and may invariably cause them to warn out sooner than expected.
  • It’s a bit hard to remove ground cooked meat from a grinder.

Can I Grind Cooked Meat In A Food Processor?

To answer the question above, the answer is yes. You can very much grind cooked meat in a food processor. You can do this by;

Step 1

Shredding the meat either with your hand or by using a fork to pluck it out or by using a mixer to shred it.

Step 2

Then place it in the food processor to be grounded.

Can You Grind Meat After It’s Cooked – Conclusion

Grinding of cooked meat can be done successfully with any of the grinders mentioned in the post. Please follow through the laydown procedures on how to cut/shred and grind any type of meat you want to. With the right kitchen tools and equipment needed, you can certainly prepare all sorts of delicacies with any cooked meat, beef, chicken, and turkey.