How Many Watts Does A Coffee Grinder Use?

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How Many Watts Does A Coffee Grinder Use? The best satisfaction you can give a coffee lover (which is almost everyone) is good bean ground.

The high standard coffee grinders consume about 300 watts to run a grind but the average and most purchased grinders only need to consume up to 150 watts for a good and smooth grind too.

This sets the variations and differences in quality, price, size and functionality in coffee grinders. However, it is advisable, as I will recommend, that you should not be scared to invest in a coffee grinder if you desire a great guarantee of quality and satisfaction.

Why should I invest in a coffee grinder?

No matter the power consumption or financial implication that a grinder may cause you, it is still very safe that you get one worth giving you the perfect espresso and brew for every grind and cup. I will put you through some reasons why you should invest in a coffee grinder.

I would have referred this knowledge to be for coffee lovers only but you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a coffee grinder or want to own one. However, everybody(almost everybody) loves coffee.

Easy access and control of grind

A personal coffee grinder grants you all-day access to grind anytime you want. You’re not restricted by the crowd or a long queue. If you want coffee now, you make it now. You get the chance to decide your access level to a cup of coffee depending on your preference.

You will also have what it takes to grind to your specifics and taste. When you own a conical espresso grind, for instance, you grind to your perfect smoothness and blend of flavours which gives you the perfect taste in the end.

Fresh coffee

Everything affects coffee, ranging from heat, light, cold, moisture and even age. This is why you want to grind fresh for every cup. And also a reason why you should never rely on pre-ground coffee.

Pre-ground coffee is ground from a generic home espresso machine and if someone somewhere on the other side of Australia has ground a coffee for you that does not factor into your elements, you are going to get inconsistency of taste in your cup.

Even if you store the pre-ground coffee perfectly in an airtight container, it is still going to be affected after one week. It will be quite dark, runny and thin.

That means that the oils have been converted into gasses and left cos a good fresh coffee is honey-like in nature, thick and runs slowly as a result which is what we want to see, have and taste in every cup. It simply indicates freshness.

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Less stress

When you own a coffee grinder, it takes you just a little effort to put into fixing a cup for yourself. There’s no psychological or mental stress of maybe experiencing traffic while trying to go out to grind your coffee beans in order to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.

You could just wake up or arrive home from a long day and simply just walk onto your coffee grinder without the hitch of a long queue. You get what you want when you want it and you get to decide how you get it too.

Grind to your preference, perfect espresso and brew

Investing in a conical grinder will present you with the entry-level to getting that perfect espresso. Using pre-ground coffee from your local cafe, supermarket or online will never give you the control that you need to get the perfect balance that you may desire in your coffee.

You might just end up settling for weak, bitter, sour or maybe even burnt flavours. You can invest $300 into a good conical grinder which will give you a consistent grind than a cheap blade grinder that will just chop the coffee beans into uneven chunks during a grind.

When you grind with an espresso grinder, you’ll have a consistent grind, there will be no chunks, no half-cut bean, it will all be gritty sand-sized.

Good coffee grinders are not only expensive but power consuming for sure but they provide you with the perfect smoothness in grind and blend in flavours for the best tastes. That is why you should own a conical espresso grinder.

Less expenses

When you want to grind your coffee beans at your local stores, supermarkets or malls, you will have to take a ride and pay for the grind when you eventually grind them.

Now, you must have incurred more expenses in the area of fuel if you have a ride and also in the area of getting a grind.

Let’s say you take coffee every day for a month on this routine. That means you will be spending, for instance, $2 each day to fix a cup. It means 2×30=60 and 60×3=180.

The money for grinding your coffee on a $2 rate for 90 days is already getting you a new coffee grinder. You can also agree with me that it is quite expensive to frequently drink coffee from a restaurant.

So if you want to get a grinder, make sure to go for it on better ground. This is because when you use a blade grinder which is often cheap, you may experience blade rust easily which will warrant the extra cost to fix them but a burr grinder will not cause you this kind of worry.


A premium or good coffee machine may cost you more in money but will also serve you more not only in satisfaction but also in longevity.

They are made with good quality materials that are not easy to go bad, they usually come with a year or more warranty for all the parts and mechanisms.

They cost more because the manufacturers believe in the effort and quality of materials and design that they have put in place to serve you in satisfaction and durability.

Investing in a grinder is never a waste of money but an oversight to financial management and the security of a long-lasting quality product.

A blade grinder might be cheap and give you what you might want but it is rust-prone but a burr grinder will serve you years without any worry to fix it.

How many watts does a grinder use?

The approximated power consumption rate of a mixer grinder is 500 watts. It will consume 0.5 kWh of electric power on a daily basis if you use it for an hour a day. That means that in a month it will consume a total of 1.5 kWh of electricity.

How many volts does a coffee grinder use?

A standard coffee grinder uses an average of 220 volts and is designed to work in countries that have 220 to 240 volts with 50/60Hz. This is because we can also use them to grind other kinds of foods or condiments such as nuts, spices e.t.c.

How many volts does a coffee maker use?

A coffee maker consumes 120 volts at 650 watts. This means that it needs 5.4 amps of household electrical current to function and that was gotten from the simple math  650÷120 which equals to 5.4.

Will a 1000 watt inverter run a coffee maker?

A standard coffee maker of 8 to 12 cups will need at least 750 watts to function. That means that if you’re using an inverter, it will be very safe to use a 1000 watt inverter. This is because they usually consume 2000 watts of electricity.


What type of grinder is best for coffee?

In descending order, here is a list of some of the best coffee grinders. The first will be the Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. Next will be Hamilton Beach Fresh Grind Electric Coffee Grinder.

After which we will have OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder. If you need a coffee grinder with a large capacity, then Breville Smart Grinder Pro will be a very good choice.

Can you fly with a coffee grinder?

Yes, you can, especially with burr mill coffee grinders. There are no exact rules that will stop you even if you want to fly with your coffee grinder in your carry-on bag.

However, your coffee grinder must not have a blade if you want to fly with them in your carry-on bags. If they do, then you must pack and keep them in your checked luggage.

How Many Watts Does A Coffee Grinder Use – Conclusion

You should not be pressured by how expensive or power-consuming a standard coffee grinder may be, it is a known fact that all fingers are not equal and all’s well that ends well. This means that as long as you get the quality grind you desire, you are good.

If you can’t run a 300 watts coffee grinder, there is also a 200-watt portable coffee grinder that will still serve you the same purpose as the premium ones. So go out there, invest your money and electricity in an espresso grinder, get the perfect smooth grind and enjoy your brew.