Stx 4000 Meat Grinder Reviews – Reasons To Buy/Not to

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There’s now the increasing trend to prepare small or even large chunks of meat at home for a variety of treats like hamburgers, sausages, cheese and so on. This need becomes more appealing when we consider the exorbitant cost of already processed meat in the market.

It, therefore, becomes necessary to consider certain qualities and features before we venture out to buy a meat grinder for this purpose. Contrary to the name, meat grinders do more than just preparing meat in our kitchens. We should, therefore, buy a grinder that will not only do the job well but also have stand-out qualities that other similar competitors on the market lack to make it most reliable.

This will not only create satisfaction and variety in our meals but also save cost. For this purpose, we recommend STX-4000 Turboforce II Meat Grinder. This piece of equipment comes stocked with features that make it a must-have in all kitchens.

STX 4000 Meat Grinder Reviews

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Main Features

This grinder comes equipped with 2000 Watts of peak Output Power and three varying speed types: high speed, low speed and reverse speed. Each of these speeds has a function in the grinding it performs. It also has a safety protection circuit breaker that cuts off all power supplies in the event of any accidents or emergencies.

In the event of any power failure that makes it impossible to run it electrically, it comes equipped with an alternative foot pedal with which it can be operated manually. This dual function of manual and electrical operation is highly impressive and a strong selling point for the product as against its peers anywhere.

A major disadvantage of most electrical meat grinders is that they are liable to overheat after prolonged use. However, this defect is prevented in the STX 4000 meat grinder with the provision of a patented ‘Quad Air Cooling System’ which will virtually double its life span.

It has stainless steel blades that are resistant to corrosion, five (5) grinding plates of various sizes if you require, one (1) beaner plate, a set of stuffing tubes to control the rate at which it works and a Kubbe attachment mechanism. The various grinding plates determine the sizes of the ground substance.

The machine also has a size #12 grinder with two (2) inch diameter output for grinding and another two (2) inch diameter feeding tube. It also has a patty maker using which small bits of meat can be converted into round flat shapes for making burgers.

Necessary spare parts are readily available at affordable prices in cases of repair or maintenance.  The STX Meat Grinder machine is manufactured from superior quality materials that guarantee its durability with time. The parts of this blender can be easily disassembled, cleaned and re-assembled after cleaning without stress.

Furthermore, the parts are dishwasher friendly for effective cleaning. The components must however be left to soak in water and soften stains and grits for effective cleaning. All washed parts must be wiped clean of any moisture after washing to discourage rusting in storage.

They also come with a thirty (30) day guarantee and a warranty of one year to ensure customer satisfaction.

Apart from meat, they can process other items as well like vegetables, fruits or spices. They are designed with care to make them attractive and also to beautify our homes which makes them a delight to present as gifts to loved ones and family members during celebrations.

They operate silently to guard against noise pollution in our environments. Regular servicing, oiling moving parts and maintenance is highly recommended for maximum efficiency of the equipment and less noise while in use.

This grinder can be used to create extra flavour by rubbing the required aroma on the meat or even the blender itself before grinding.

To ensure the removal of pieces of meat and other items stuck in the machine, we would do well to run a few pieces of bread to clean its interior. Also, to avoid the risks of accidents and ensure prolonged benefits, all servicing and repairs must be referred to only qualified personnel.

STX 4000 TB2 Turboforce II Meat Grinder – Buyers’ Guide

Before you go ahead to make a purchase, it’s important that you know what you’re getting yourself into. This guide isn’t only applicable to STX meat grinders only but to all meat grinders out there. Continue reading to learn more about what you should be looking out for in a meat grinder.

1. Overheat

A good meat grinder whether big or small must not overheat unduly as this shortens its lifespan. To prevent this from happening, it should come with an internal cooling system equipped with strong fans.

2. Easy To Disassemble

Any recommendable meat grinder should be easy to dismantle, clean and re-assemble as well. Furthermore, its components should be dishwasher friendly to reduce the stress of cleaning them after each use with the aid of just soapy water and vinegar.

3. Durable

It must be produced from durable materials that will enable it to last long. These materials should resist corrosion, retain all positive qualities with time and also be affordable to most people.

4. Functionality

They should be able to process small or large chunks of meat in addition to other items as well like bones, vegetables or even spices. The ability to do this is a factor of the electric motor the grinder is equipped with, the size of the grinding plates, the beaner plates, stuffing tubes and the kubbe attachments.

5. Safety

Safety procedures must be put in place to prevent damage to the equipment while in use, the persons handling the machine and other items also.

This is made possible with the installation of in-built circuit breakers. The circuit breaker will cut off the power supply to the machine the instant something goes wrong or even when there are erratic fluctuations in the power supply line from the grid.

6. Speed Level

Good meat grinders are equipped with the ability to move the grinding plates at various speeds depending on what needs to be done as each speed has functions it discharges. The various speeds are high, low and reverse with each serving a specific function.

7. Stylish

Our grinders should add beauty to the environment too by their design and sizes.

8. Mode Of Operation

Meat grinders should have alternative modes of operation in case of power failure. They can be both manually and electrically operated for instance.

9. Availability Of Parts

Spare parts should be readily available and affordable should in case the machine calls for any repairs or maintenance.

10. Warranty

They should equally have a guarantee as well as warranty agreements to protect the customers after-sales.

11. Silent Operation

Noise making while in use must be reduced to the barest minimum to prevent pollution and public disturbance; their attraction and appeal come from how silent they operate.

12. Plates Sizes

They should not process only meat and meat products but other things as well like vegetables, spices and fruits. This is made possible when they come with various plate sizes and shapes in the grinder.

How Is The STX Turboforce Meat Grinder Better Than Other Brands?

The STX Tuborforce has several features which give it an edge over its competitors in the market as shown below:

1. Not all meat grinders come with electric motors rated as high as STX. This equipment has a motor capacity of 2000 Watts of peak output power and for this reason, it has a three-speed function; high, low and reverse speeds.

This function means it can be set to process even very tough meat varieties which would overwhelm other meat grinders with smaller ratings.

2. The STX meat grinder, unlike others, has a dual function; electric and foot pedal functions. To operate it manually, you just plug the grinder into the foot pedal function for hands-free use.

It is therefore logical to reason that manual grinders are more strenuous to operate than are the electric type. The STX grinder, having both functions, can, therefore, be said to be more conducive to operate than others.

3. The STX meat grinder, as against most others, has a Quad Air Cooling system that cools the machine whenever it is hot. This cooling mechanism confers on it a double life span. It thus can be said to easily outlive other commoner grinders.

4. It comes with multiple blades and several grinding plates in addition to a set of feeding tubes and Kubbe attachments.

All these features enable this grinder to process not only a large quantity of meat and bones but also into different slices and sizes that other grinders cannot. Essentially, the STX does not only grind meat but also mix various cuts of pork or beef with spices to make sausages.

5. The STX uniquely has a large feeding tube as well as an equally large output for grinding. This enables it to take a bulky input and also discharge large quantities after grinding; grinders with smaller tubes can only process smaller quantities comparatively.

6. It is also a patty maker quite unlike other grinders. A patty grinder is capable of processing meat (or even fish) into finely chopped pieces that are round and flat in shape for the preparation of certain delicacies like a hamburger patty.

7. This grinder can also be used to stuff sausages. A function rarely found in most meat grinders.

8. Grinders that are meant to process softer substances usually come with plastic blades and small electric motors. For the fact that the STX Tuboforce is meant to grind even bones, it is fitted with only strong steel blades.

9. Not all grinders are equipped with an internal cooling system as well as an automatic circuit breaker but the STX comes with both features just so that it can discharge the functions for which it is designed effectively.

10. It is to be expected that since this grinder comes with multiple blades and plates, some of them are meant for grinding other items like vegetables and pasta too.

Stx 4000 Meat Grinder Reviews – Conclusion

The now widespread need to create our meat blends at home and the desire to save cost in the process demand that we make wise and informed choices, lest we end up buying products that may make us regret after purchase.

Similarly, effective and regular maintenance is necessary if we wish our gadgets (STX 4000-TB2 Review) to serve us most effectively and for long. Repairs must be done by qualified personnel only to prevent damage to the equipment and avoidable accidents.

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