4 Best Pepper Mill (Recommended) For Arthritic Hands

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Arthritic hands can make a lot of things such as cooking a bit challenging. In the case of adding a fresh ground spice to a meal, it can be very difficult to acquire due to the condition of the hands. 

However, numerous brands have made pepper mills that can make it easy for you to add fresh ground spices to your meals without any hassle.

So, I’d be recommending the best pepper mills you can purchase in this blog post. But before then, let’s take a look at the factors to consider.

If you’re in a hurry to just grab the best pepper mill for arthritic hands, we strongly recommend the pepper mills below, they are most efficient based on several criteria we considered.

  • Peugeot Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill Check Price
  • One-Handed Pepper Mill with Ceramic Grinder & Wooden Handle Check Price
  • Travel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set – Check Price

What are the factors to consider when buying pepper mills for Arthritic hands?

While it looks like expensive pepper mills are usually worth the price, it doesn’t always work in that perspective. The pepper mill can be tagged at a low price and still perform the same or more than the expensive pepper mill. The best pepper must meet all the criteria that will be listed below. 

Grinding motor

The Best mills are manufactured in either ceramic or stainless steel due to their sturdiness and the resistance to causing unwanted flakes to your meal. Pepper mills operate with a collection of strong engines and gravity to grind the pepper. 

However, pepper mills have two grinding processes that include- the first stage breaks down the peppercorn, while the second stage grinds the pepper to your desired texture.

You should always remember that you cannot use or put salt in a peppermill made with stainless steel, it will cause the steel to rust. So, it’s more advisable to purchase a pepper mill made with ceramic because it stays longer than the steel mill.


There are different types of pepper mills which are electric pepper mills, crank pepper mills, and knob pepper mills.

The electric pepper mills need about 6 batteries to work and they are usually noisy when used. However, it is the best candidate for Arthritic hands. So, you should just purchase any electric pepper mill, it must have the actual grinding motor.

Then, there are the knob and crank pepper mills. For you to pick this comes down to your preference. However, most cooks prefer the knob twist pepper mill. While for arthritic hands, it is best to buy the ratchet crank pepper mill because it is easier to use.


You should consider the capacity of the pepper mill, likewise the filling type. The pepper mill should be able to handle about a couple of spoons and 1⁄4 cup of ingredients. 

There are some pepper mills with large openings for filling which could result in the spilling of the peppercorn. However, this can be overlooked if the pepper mill can hold up a large number of spices. 


You should know that whatever kitchen appliances you get would require sustenance after use to last long.

So, this is why the maintenance factors of the pepper mill are important. Ensure there’s no fluid closer to the pepper mill because it can result in corrosion of the material. 

Also, you should put salt in a stainless steel pepper mill. Do not overfill the pepper mill to avoid jams. If all this is met, then your peppermill should be able to last long. But ensure you are buying the pepper mill that will be easy to clean. 


The size of the pepper mill matters. Although for you to pick the size of the pepper mill you want, it will depend on where you plan to keep the pepper mill. 

There are different sizes of pepper mills, usually as small as 3 inches. So, before picking a big pepper mill consider the space you have in your kitchen. 

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Best Pepper Mill For Arthritic Hands – Reviews

With the factors provided, you should be able to purchase a pepper mill on your own. But to reduce the stress of looking through numerous websites or online stores for the mill to purchase, I’d list a few mills I’ve reserved below.

I can assure you that all the pepper mills that will be recommended in this blog post will make cooking less challenging for you. That being said, let’s find out the best mills you can purchase. 

1. OXO Good Grips Radial Grinder Pepper Mill

Check Price

Crank pepper mills have been manufactured for a long time which is why I’m recommending this pepper mill.

Have you been having challenges adding fresh ground spice to your meals due to your arthritic hands? You do not need to worry anymore, this Radial mill will make it less challenging.

You are probably wondering how it will do that. Perhaps it doesn’t look competent enough. Well, you can only confirm its ability by reading through its features. 


  • Grind selector- This pepper mill has a grind selector to help you pick the consistency you want for your pepper, either fine or coarse. As indicated in the factors to consider, ceramic mills are the best. Luckily, this pepper mill was made with ceramic which makes it the best candidate. 
  • Easy-turn design- This mill was made with a non-slip, comfortable knob with an extra-long turning arm to aid smooth grinding. With this knob, you won’t have to stress your hands too much. Plus, you will be able to easily add pepper to your meal.
  • Open wide- It has an open door that opens wide for you to refill your pepper in it. You can do this easily without any hassle. Also, it has a matching base cap that helps to keep your tables and countertops neat. 


  • Easy to use with slippery or arthritic hands.
  • It offers a lot with the tagged price.
  • Flipping compartment for easy refilling. 
  • Adjustable with different levels of fineness. 
  • Easy to clean and easy to hold. 
  • It is rust-resistant.


  • The door will not close completely if the pepper mill is too full. 

2. One-Handed Pepper Mill with Ceramic Grinder & Wooden Handle 

Check Price

Another pepper mill for Arthritic hands that you can purchase is this one-handed mill. With this pepper mill, cooking will be less challenging for you.

I love the design of this pepper mill because it looks different from other types of pepper mills. Despite the difference, it will still offer you the help you need. You can know its abilities by going through the features that will be provided below.


  • Grind settings- This pepper mill does not have delusions of grandeur with 6 grind settings, this is a mill for all seasons. It grinds peppercorns from fine to coarse. This makes the mill perfect for spices of all coarseness. 
  • One or two hands- With this pepper mill, you can conveniently grind your spices with one hand just like you do with two hands. If you need the spice faster, you can open the mill and use your two hands. 
  • Easy to fill- It is made with apparent tempered glass, so you can analyze your spice levels. The jar lies flat on surfaces with a wide mouth for easy filling of your spice. 
  • No mess- This mill was made with an angled shaft design and crumb hooking lip means you can put the pepper mill on your countertop without making any mess. 
  • Durability- This pepper mill was made with ceramic that is durable and won’t rust when used. 


  • One-Handed and two-handed pepper mill. 
  • Easy to refill.
  • Value for the money. 
  • The ceramic mechanism cannot rust. 


  • It will break when it is overfilled or dropped. 

3. Travel Salt And Pepper Grinder Set

Check Price

This pepper mill is another tool that’s best for arthritic hands. Aside from the Ortwo pepper mill, this travel salt grinder is one pepper mill I like.

I love the design, the body material, and how easy it is to use. Plus, it is not too big. It is something you can handle with one hand. Let’s take a look at the features.


  • One-handed features- Regardless of what you want to add to your meal, either pepper or salt, this grinder can make the job easier. You can add pepper or salt to your dish by holding the mill with one hand because the pepper mill can do the work of a two-handed mill.
  • Easy to use- You can easily operate this pepper mill. If a granny can use this without any hassle, trust me, you can use this pepper mill to add spice to your meal. Plus, using this pepper mill will help keep your muscles in shape. 
  • Easy to refill- Just like the mill is easy to use, it is also easy to refill. To refill this mill, it is advisable to put your bag of pepper or salt in the freezer-sized bags in your pantry to effortlessly spoon pepper into the pepper grinder and salt into the salt mill.
  • Quality material- This grind gourmet mill is made with high-quality stainless steel. The core is made with solid steel, not plastic. So, the pressure applied will not cause the pepper mill to break. When you start using this pepper mill, you won’t want to ever stop using it.


  • Easy to use and refill.
  • Perfect pepper and salt mill for camping or travelling. 
  • Adorable, lightweight, compact, and durable. 
  • It has a stand that keeps the mills off the table.
  • A perfect gift for your family or friends.


  • It has one coarse setting. 

4. Peugeot Olivier Roellinger 5.25 Inch Pepper Mill, Chocolate 

Check Price

Have you been searching for the best quality pepper mill? Then, you should purchase this pepper mill. This pepper mill releases both the oil and the aroma of the spice into the mill.

I’m sure that is what you need. Plus, it is ideal for arthritic hands. With this mill, you can add the pepper mill to your dish without any hassle. Below are the features of this pepper mill. 


  • Easy access- The easy access reservoir enables you to grind a full hopper of peppercorns into the drawer cavity or directly into the food. Also, it holds the pepper in the mill neatly without causing any mess or spills. 
  • Design and appearance- The design and appearance of this peppermill looks traditional, but it is super effective. Plus, it matches the decor of your countertop or table. It has a knob that you can control with one hand which will make it easy and quick for you to grind your spice. 
  • Adjustable grind- For you to adjust the grind, you have to lift the spring tab and turn the thumbwheel (clockwise for finer grinds, counter-clockwise for coarse grinds).
  • Durability- Do you need a pepper mill that will last for a long period? Then, this pepper mill is the one you should purchase. It was made with a material that is durable and won’t corrode. 


  • Easy and super quick to grind. 
  • Lovely appearance, although it looks traditional.
  • It holds the pepper neatly in the mill. 
  • It can be easily adjustable.
  • Easy to clean after every use.


  • It can’t hold too large amounts of pepper. 
  • Quite large for small hands. 

Conclusion – Best Pepper Mills For Arthritic Hands

With the factors provided in this blog post, you should be able to purchase the best pepper mill. However, a lot of pepper mills have been recommended in this article. The features, advantages, and disadvantages of each pepper mill have been mentioned. 

The pepper mills are made with different materials that won’t corrode regardless of how you use them. With all the recommended pepper mills, you can be rest assured to have a durable mill.

Kindly click on the link to check the price of each mill. I hope you pick the pepper mill that works perfectly for you. Good luck.