8 Best Granite Mortar And Pestle You Need In 2023

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Granites are very durable when it comes to the material used in the design of mortar and the pestle. They are usually very trustworthy and can be passed on from generation to generation without losing its effectiveness. Granite Mortar and pestle are preferred to modern-day blenders when you want to have a natural feel or flavour into the subject matter that needs to be decimated to bits.

They tend to give you a better option be it grinding to a particular size of choice or recommendation, or grinding to powdered form. Granite mortars also have a good work surface for getting the job done and are easily preferred to its contemporaries.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 5 Picks Of The Best Granite Mortar And Pestle You Need For Your Kitchen In 2020

Product NameWhere To Buy
M.V. Trading Mtp92 Stone (Granite) Mortar And PestleCheck Price On Amazon
Thai Super-Size Granite Mortar And PestleCheck Price On Amazon
Chefsofi EXTRA Large 8 inch 5 Cup-Capacity Mortar And Pestle SetCheck Price On Amazon
Cilio Granite Mortar And Pestle SetCheck Price On Amazon
Cole & Mason Granite Mortar & PestleCheck Price On Amazon
When considering the best granite mortar and pestle set, there are some requirements you should consider. Let’s go through some of them so that you can have an idea of what I mean before we proceed to the reviews.

Granite Mortar And Pestle – Buyers Guide

1. The Size Of Mortar As Well As The Quantity Of Item To Be Processed

Mortars come in different shapes and sizes so having an idea of the quantity of items to be processed in the mortar should determine the size of mortar you get. The bigger a mortar, the bigger the stuff it can contain. You shouldn’t go for something smaller when you have a larger item to process. The storage space for the mortar and pestle should also be considered. You should go for something that would be a perfect fit for your household whilst still be able to carry out its intended purpose.

2. Smoothness Of The Working Surface

A mortar with a very rough working surface will be difficult to clean and maintain and will also pose a challenge when it comes to scraping off the contents it was used for, while a mortar with a very smooth surface will spill its contents around on impact due to the lack of friction. So go for mortar with a little bit of the two so as to ensure quality and user-friendliness.

3. Weight Of The Mortar

Weights of granite mortars and pestles can vary based on the size and craftsmanship, so it is important to ensure that you get a mortar that you can move around easily without needing extra assistance from anyone else. Also consider the fact that a granite mortar with a very light base will not be stable and will tend to vibrate vigorously on constant impact from the pestle, causing it to move away from its intended position. Get a mortar with a heavy base, but not too heavy, least you need a crane to move it around. The pestle itself should not be too heavy so that you don’t expend too much strength when using it.

4. Physical Appearance

While this might not appear as a necessity, it is important to note the appearance the mortar and its pestle will give to your kitchen. Except you intend locking it up in a cupboard or a store, a mortar should spice up not only your food but also the looks of your kitchen.

All the granite mortars & pestle making this list can be said to have all the characteristics listed above. So you can be sure to get the right mortar for your household or work, irrespective of the mortar you choose to purchase.

Best Granite Mortar And Pestle – Reviews

1. Thai Super-Size Granite Mortar And Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

This super-sized mortar having a diameter of 9 inches is almost double the size of your regular mortar. The large bowl size also ensures that you have more than enough space to work with, as no amount of kitchen work will be too much to go in at once Pretty cool right? The large bowl size also makes it effective to grind large fresh herbs instead of chopping them to bits before grinding or pounding as the case may be.

The relatively heavy pestle ensures that you get the job done easily and timely, practically almost doing the job for you! Standing at a dimension of 9.5 x 9.5 x 7.5 inches and having a weight of 30 pounds, the Thai super-size granite mortar ensures that it maintains a perfect balance during impact. It is one to go for especially if you have a lot of ingredients or spices to process at the same time.

2. M.V. Trading Mtp92 Stone (Granite) Mortar And Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

This is another Thai masterpiece with very high quality. It is carved from 100% granite stone having a Mohs scale of over 7+. This item has over 3 sizes available so you can make your pick based on the one suitable for you.

Having an outer diameter of 9.25 inches, an inner diameter of 6.50 inches and a height of 7.25 inches, the mortar has a perfect balance and will reduce the possibility of spilling out when pounding or grinding. It is a preferred option for bringing out flavours in ingredients such as nuts, seeds and spices. The pestle having a height of 9.25 inches makes it relatively comfortable to handle.

It is also indestructible, and will not crack or chip when pounding. So you can be sure of owning a mortar and pestle that can last for a lifetime. The m.v trading granite mortar and pestle is beautifully crafted and can give your kitchen a beautiful look.

3. Chefsofi EXTRA Large 8 inch 5 Cup-Capacity Mortar And Pestle Set

Check Price On Amazon

The chefsofi mortar and pestle comes with two pestles set to suit your convenience. It is made from unpolished granite hereby giving a natural feel to your kitchen. It will waste no time in decimating the herbs and ingredients mashed in it hereby causing you to get the natural feel and scent of your spice, something mortals and pestle are known to provide.

The granite working surface of this mortar makes it ideal for swift ingredient grinding, crushing, or in cases where you want them in a powdered form. The working surface is also easy to clean and maintain after use despite its unpolished surface.

With an interior of 500ml which is approximately 2 cups, you shouldn’t be bordered of refilling the ingredients in the mortar from time to time hereby making you prepare your food all at once. And also with a size of 6 x 6 x 6 inches, spillage during pounding or grinding shouldn’t be a problem. A weight of 7.04 pounds also makes it heavy for the job required, but relatively easy to move around when needed.

It’s a perfect mortar for processing any form of ingredients to your required taste or feel. Chefstofi also guarantees you a full refund in an unlikely case the product does not match your expectation. So you have nothing to be worried about especially when you can be sure to have your mind blown away by its excellence.

4. Cilio Granite Mortar And Pestle Set

Check Price On Amazon

Cilio granite mortars and pestles are made up of 100% granite and are as natural as they come. The interior of the mortar which is rough enough to get the job done and makes for easy cleaning will ensure that you get the best from your ingredients. The surface is non-porous which allows for seamless retrieval of your ingredients from the mortar, be it powdered or oil.

The wall of the mortar standing at 5 inches tall also ensures that your ingredients do not escape when pounding or grinding hereby reducing spillage and waste in the process especially with the workspace measuring at 5.25 inches.

The pestle is relatively heavy and is very comfortable to hold during usage. Weighing a modest 11.02 pounds, the mortar will be well balanced on the counter surface and can withstand any form of impact from the pestle without vibrating a lot.

It is perfect for pounding fresh or dry ingredients depending on what you intend preparing. The surface should be cured on the first usage as stated in other reviews to ensure rich user experience.

5. The Swissmar MP-003 Saffron Granite Mortar And Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

The swissmar mortar and pestle is made of premium quality polished G5 granite; which consist of black and white speckles making its appearance look more alluring. Its tall wall is about 4 inches high and can guarantee that your ingredients will not escape when pounding or grounding, an important factor to consider when choosing your mortar.

The mortar is elegantly designed to ensure premium comfort during usage, especially during intensive pounding and grinding. Its dimension of about 6”x 6”x 4” and weight of about 7.3 pounds ensures that it can be carried without much stress.

The pestle is blended in two-tone, although slightly heavy it is very comfortable to use regardless of the ingredient to be grounded or pounded. It grinds, crushes and mixes spices or herbs with relative ease. The working surface of the mortar is natural and non-porous in quality, which makes it a perfect surface in terms of extracting the oils from herbs and other ingredients without it being absorbed into the stone.

It is also relatively easy to clean as the surface does not absorb the content on it. All you probably need to do is rinse with water or wash with a sponge or brush, based on the effect you feel will be satisfactory.

6. RSVP Authentic Mexican Molcajete

Check Price On Amazon

This is the traditional version of the Mexican mortar. It is carved out of pure and natural volcanic stones which ensures that the mortar and pestle are durable and will stand the test of time.  The tri-stand of the mortar which is still made up of the same material as the mortar ensures perfect balance when grinding or mixing herbs and spices.

Its surface is ideal for grinding as it is not too smooth or too rough which enables for easy packing or scraping of the ingredients from the surface. It is not permeable to liquids and as such a good fit for squeezing out oil and liquids from ingredients. The surface also permits for easy cleaning and maintenance using water.

The molcajete has a measurement of 8.8”x 8.5”x 8.5” inches while the tejolote (pestle) is 4.5” long and has a 2.5 diameter grinding end. A large enough dimension based on what you intend to use it for. It is also relatively easy to move about and should be handled with care when lifting its position and dropping in its intended position.

It also comes with an informative booklet that contains the steps on how to cure the new molcajete on arrival or first use.

Albeit, you can follow these easy steps to cure your molcajete before usage.

  • Wash the molcajete with water and a clean wire brush.
  • After this is done, use the tejolote (pestle) to grind cloves of garlic into a paste and then apply it around the inside of the mortar, onion can also be used as well as rice.
  • Allow the molcajete to rest for 24 hours and then rinse the paste away from the molcajete.
  • Please resist the urge of using it instantly without going through these steps so as to avoid grits from the volcanic stone it was carved from.

It can also process ingredients with ease be it fresh or dry and you can be sure to get the maximum experience.

7. Stone (Granite) Mortar and Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

This work of art is manufactured in Thailand and carved out of granite. It is very perfect for Thai food preparation or any other food you might have in mind at large. It is highly durable and has also been guaranteed not to crack or chip

Each mortar is carefully cut from a single block of solid granite which is extremely hard, based on a Mohs scale of 7+, and it is also carefully carved by hand! So if you are a fan of items which are handmade (we should all be) this would be a perfect fit for you.

Its appearance is very appealing to the eyes and would be a very good décor for your kitchen. A dimension of 7” diameter and a 5” inner bowl, as well as a height of 4.5” (inches), makes the mortar easy to store in a cupboard. A height of 7” for the pestle shouldn’t pose a challenge as well in terms of usage and storage. And With a weight of 12 pounds, it shouldn’t be difficult to move around.

A durable mortar for any form of ingredients you may wish to pound, grind, or crush. The durability of this product has been endorsed by top chefs around the world, so the quality is assured in terms of service and quality.

8. Cole & Mason Granite Mortar & Pestle

Check Price On Amazon

The Cole and mason granite mortar and pestle have a very attractive feature due to the lovable designs on the outside but this is not what it is known for as its very hard granite composition will last for generations to come. Completely made of natural granite material, the mortar and pestle weight of 8.98 pounds makes it heavy but can be easily carried for its size.

The designs around the outer circumference of the mortar gives allowance for gripping and carrying. These features also give it the necessary balance for pounding and grinding ensuring that the mortar does not jerk from place to place on impact from the pestle.

The working surface of the Cole & mason granite mortar is non-permeable to liquids hereby ensuring that oil or extracts alike, gotten inside the mortar, can be easily removed to the very last drop. The working surface also ensures that it can be cleaned properly without any stress whatsoever.

With a dimension of 6.69 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches, the storage of the mortar as well as the pestle will not be a problem as they can even be kept in a visible part of the kitchen due to the beauty they add to the decoration. Cole & Mason is perfect for grinding and pounding ingredients of any form, be it fresh or dry.

The Cole & mason granite mortar should also be cured with garlic or rice by smashing it and smearing it on the inner surface and left alone for a while as prescribe earlier on, especially if you want to use it for the first time so as to get the maximum experience.

Cole & mason form a vital part of the DKB group that has been known for its quality products for over a century. The Cole & mason granite mortar and pestle is just another plus to an already glistering profile.

Best Granite Mortar And Pestle – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dawn Dish Soap Safe For Granite?

Dish soaps like dawn or ivory can be used to clean granite mortars and pestles after usage. However, continual usage will leave a residue on the stone especially on darker stones. So if they are to be used, it should be on cases that require washing.

 Do You Need To Season A Granite Mortar And Pestle?

In a case where a granite mortar and pestle is to be used for the first time, it’s important for it to be seasoned so as to avoid grits from the mortar or pestle in your food. The seasoning gets the surface ready and smooth and also eliminate any grit that might be resident in the mortar.

Here are some simple steps to follow when wanting to season your mortar:

  1. Wash the surface with a wire or a scrubby brush and dry it. Please note that it is very important not to use any form of soap for this phase to avoid leftovers sticking inside.
  2. Smear a reasonable amount of rice in powder form on it. You can also use recommended spices such as onions and garlic and rub it around the insides of the mortar.
  3. Allow it to stay for some time and then wash again using a brush.
  4. After washing again, then you should be ready to dry it.
  5. Allow it to dry properly. This way you have seasoned your granite mortar and pestle for use any time you want to.

Following these steps above should get you ready for your first usage while giving you a tasty meal prepared with extra flavours of things you grounded in it.

What Is The Difference Between A Molcajete And A Mortar And Pestle?

There is very little difference to differentiate between the two as they can both serve the same purpose, depending on what you want to cook of course.  Molcajete tends to be shallower in terms of depth, and wider in terms of width compared to the conventional mortar that we know.

Why Does Granite Feel Dusty?

The dusty feel to a granite mortar, especially when it is to be used for the first time is due to the mineral composition of the granite stone, and also the fact of the carving process it underwent from granite which is usually in a block form. Once a granite stone is seasoned, the dusty feel tends to go away.

Is A Granite Mortar And Pestle Safe?

Every item tends to come with its own risks as well as rewards, and granite pestle is no different. However, granite mortars and pestles are safe to use due to its hard and dense nature. They will not chip or buckle under pressure caused by usage.

Conclusion On The Best Granite Mortar And Pestle

From the features you have read about each mortar and pestle, you’ll definitely agree with me that these are some of the best so you should be sure to get value out of whichever one you pick as long as it suits your needs. Have any more questions? let u know in the comment section below.

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