Are Wooden Mortar And Pestle Good? Let’s Find Out

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Wooden mortar and pestle still remain one of the most popular kitchen tools in the preparation of some special meals. For the most part, they have been in vogue for lots of years, doing a perfect job in grinding/crushing spices.

So, are wooden mortar and pestle good? Yes, they are good and perfect for household uses most especially, in the kitchen. The wooden mortar and pestle are known to be one of the best kitchen items. We all know not all grinders can be used in grinding some species. As such, the wooden mortar and pestle are needed to help achieve this purpose.

Such kitchen tools can be used over a long period without wearing or even tearing down. Their durability is eternal except proper care isn’t given to it. With their top-notch finishing, expect simply quality and the best.

What Is A Wooden Mortar And Pestle Used For?

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Before we go into details on what a wooden mortar and pestle are used for, let me quickly tell a short story on how mortar and pestle helped me to cook better delicacies.

Back then, I never fancy the idea of grinding my spices with mortar and pestle. I felt they were sort of old and since the world has transited from the use of old kitchen tools to modernized tools, I felt the need not to get one at any cost.

As time went on, I saw how people kept on talking about its usefulness and how it has helped them cook better with spices. I had a change of mind and made the decision to give it a shot. As they say, there isn’t any harm in trying.

So, I went on Amazon and got Olive Wood, Handmade Mortar & Pestle (Amz) to grind some spices. Behold, I was amazed by the wonderful turnout. Though, they sometimes do not grind spices to be extremely smooth, but, they sure have this unique texture and scent that accompanies it.

Also, you don’t have to add water to the mortar when muddling, unlike the grinder or blender. For that purpose, the oil inherent in the spices, are preserved naturally. Honestly, I’ve been using my wooden mortar for years and still counting. My meals couldn’t have tasted better and spicer if I hadn’t purchased this mortar.

Now, what do you use a wooden mortar and pestle for?

Wooden mortar and pestle are perfect for grinding and crushing spices. They bring out the potency of the spices in their natural form, making them taste better when added to meals. However, they act as back up to our grinders that can’t be used in grinding spices.

Moreover, wooden mortars are the best for grinding or crushing dry spices. Since it isn’t good for a wooden mortar to absorb water, dry spices are preferable with such. In other words, when the spices are wet, the wooden mortar tends to absorb the oil from It. But if you’re to grind dry spices, you’ll get the true taste of the spices.

Mortar and pestle can also be used for dressing salads, creating some delicacies like guacamole, mixing like a marinade, and so on. I believe you have seen what you stand to gain if you make the decision to get a wooden mortar and pestle in your kitchen.

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How Do You Season A Mortar And Pestle?

The first step you take after purchasing a mortar and pestle is seasoning. By seasoning, we don’t mean adding spices to the mortar or whatever thought you may have. By seasoning, we meant the proper cleaning of the mortar before usage.

Well, some persons may be wondering why mortar and a pestle should be seasoned. The truth is, whenever we purchase a new product or item, the first thing we do before making an attempt to use it is to clean the new product or item. In this case, you’re ridding it of dirt and dust.

Likewise, we’re to season the mortar and pestle before we embark on the journey of using it to grind or crush spices. You pretty don’t want to see dirt, tiny particles of wood in your spices since they are certainly going to be found inside of the mortar.

How Do You Clean Your Mortar And Pestle Then?

First, use water to rinse off the dirt and particles that must have been glued to the mortar. Pour enough water into it and use your hands to rub all sides of the mortar and also the pestle. Then take it out after rinsing well.

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Second, pour white rice into the mortar. White rice is known as the best method used in the seasoning of mortar. It works well unlike using just plain water to rinse. Now, place about two (2) cups of rice into it.

Adding enough rice to it would result in the rice flying all over the place. I believe you don’t want that. Please note, don’t use a particular type of rice that is expensive. An inexpensive price would simply do, in as much as you’re using it to season the mortar. Also, you can decide to add a little amount of water to the mortar or not. It works both with water or without water. Anyone you find cool and convenient, forge ahead with it.

Third, at this point, you begin the grinding process. You’re going to put a lot of effort and energy into this so you achieve a really good result. Now, hold the pestle firmly and move it in a circular motion. As you keep on doing this, the rice would be moving in a circular direction such that all dirt and particles including dust would come off from the mortar.

Fourthly, you take the mixture out. Get water to rinse the mortar then, you repeat the same process. The essence of repetition is to ensure that you rid the mortar of these aforementioned things so they don’t get mixed up with your spices when grinding and crushing.

So, you repeat this procedure about 3 or 4 times. It may seem stressful and all that, but you’re certainly going to enjoy the mortar once you start using it in the kitchen. If along the line you feel tired and stressed out, you can pause and continue some other time, preferably the next day. Lastly, rinse with water finally and you’re done seasoning your mortar for good.

Are Wooden Mortar And Pestle Good – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Clean Dirty Mortar And Pestle?

Cleaning of mortar and pestle is important and mustn’t be neglected at all costs. There are bound to be particles of spices surrounding or sitting in the mortar.

I’ll be showing you two different methods to clean your mortar and pestle. Please note, you’ll need to clean immediately after usage. Don’t wait until the next time you want to use it before cleaning.

Procedure 1

  1. After grinding or crushing the spices, get water to rinse the mortar and pestle so as to ensure residue of food can’t be found in the mortar.
  2. You’ll be needing a soft sponge and unscented soap to wash the mortar after rinsing with water first.
  3. Scrub with the sponge thoroughly to take out whatever tiny particles are remaining in the mortar. Hold the pestle and scrub with the sponge as well.
  4. When you’re done washing, you rinse the mortar and pestle with water.
  5. You can then dry the mortar and pestle either with a clean cloth or towel before drying and storing.

Procedure 2

  1. The first thing to do in this procedure would be to get a paper towel to clean the mortar and pestle while removing the food debris. Or you can simply get a brush to brush off the debris. Clean or brush properly till almost all the debris is out.
  2. This time around, you’ll be needing a clean piece of cloth. Soak the cloth in a bowl of water. Use the cloth to clean the mortar and pestle. Ensure you wring out excess water from the cloth before using it to clean the mortar and pestle.
  3. Go over step 2 again as you continue rinsing the cloth in clean water and cleaning the mortar and pestle with it.
  4. When you’re certain that all the food debris has been removed, you can then leave it to dry before proceeding to store.

Please note: Before storing finally, make sure that it has completely dried off before proceeding to store your mortar and pestle. You can turn it upside down for like a day before storing it in the usual place.

How Do You Care For A Wooden Mortar And Pestle?

Just as we care for our bodies, in the same manner, should the mortar and pestle be cared for. You want them to last for years, then be willing to put effort into caring for them.

Aside from proper cleaning and storage, mortar and pestle need some kind of oiling to help them function well. You can use three (3) different types of oil to care for them.

They include;

  1. Food grade mineral oil (such as this Premium 100% Pure Food Grade Mineral Oil)
  2. Tung oil ( such as this Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil)

All that is required of you is this. Get a cloth, dampen the cloth with any of the oil above, and use it to clean the mortar and pestle. You can only do this the moment both mortar and pestle have dried completely.

Are Wooden Mortar And Pestle Good – Conclusion

Wooden mortar and pestle are some of the kitchen’s most essential tools. Nothing beats that texture, oil, taste, and scent that comes with a spice grounded or crushed with a mortar and a pestle. Buy one today and thank us later. If you’re confused about the one to get then you might consider this Olive Wood, Handmade Mortar & Pestle.